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A Day At The Mall

A Shopper’s Paradise? I Think Not!

Double V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee from Express

#1 Double V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee | Express

I hate shopping!! I especially hate shopping malls. Wow it felt good getting that off my chest.

There are certain stores, that when I know ahead of time that I’ll be visiting them I need to prepare, and by prepare I mean I have to take ibuprofen for the inevitable headache that will emerge. Through the years I’ve tried to get over my mall phobia to no avail and here I am today a nervous wreck at the mere thought of having to set foot in a mall.

Since my boys know me well, or at least I thought they did, I was completely taken aback when my youngest son, who waited until we were well on our way into Pittsburgh the morning of New Year’s Eve I might add, announced that he had to stop by the mall. I’m thinking to myself “are you kidding me?” I mean, I had no medication on me which meant I would have to simply endure the unpleasant headache-inducing experience drug-free.

I should have prefaced this tale with my thought process on an intentional trip to the mall. It begins with careful planning. I know what I want, where I need to go to get it, I get in and get out, it’s just that simple. Since I always prepare for contingencies I typically have a backup plan and an addition backup plan to the backup plan because you never know.

#2 - Gray Microfleece V-Neck Sweatshirt from Kohl's

#2 Gray Microfleece V-Neck Sweatshirt | Kohl’s

Well anyway, as I was saying, my son and I end up at the mall and I’m thinking that he’s thinking like I think but Nooooooo. We get in there and he asks me, where (I can’t even remember what the name of the store was because I’m thinking “now you knew you wanted to come here so why don’t you know where you want to go,” but I say out loud “I don’t know, where’s the store directory?”

We went to, gee I lost count of the number of stores, and the only things he walks out of there with are headphones and diamond stud earrings. Now keep in mind, and I didn’t find this out till we got there, he was looking for a pair of pants. I must say though in spite of the dire circumstances I did pretty good, didn’t even hyperventilate or have a panic attack (I must be maturing).

So why the aversion to shopping and shopping malls in particular?

  • I don’t like to spend money, especially in view of the fact that I have none
  • Trying on clothes in a store fitting room is not my idea of a good time
  • Unless there’s a firm plan in place I can’t do roaming aimlessly about in a mall
  • I don’t like to spend to money
#3 - Silver Sequin Cami (old) from Express

#3 Silver Sequin Cami (old) | Express

While I’m not crazy about malls if I can find some good deals online I’m in the zone. For example the week between Christmas and New Year’s there were a number of stackable discounts. In other words there were already discounted items and additional percentages off the sale prices.

Included in today’s post (1 pair of jeans equals 3 outfits) I’m wearing two of several tops I got for a fraction of the cost. The gray microfleece v-neck sweatshirt from Kohl’s ($6.00) and the double v-neck long sleeve tee from Express ($5.99). The way it worked at Express: the original cost was $19.90 and it was marked down to $9.99 with an additional 40 percent off which made the final cost $5.99.

By the way I liked the microfleece sweatshirts so much that I got 3 different colors totaling $18.00 and the original cost for one was $20.00.

One of the things I want to focus on this year is how to dress well while being on a fixed income. The jeans I’m wearing in the photos are one of three pair I bought last year after Christmas from Ann Taylor. The total for all three was under $100 because I took advantage of the year-end savings and stackable discounts.

  1. So one of my first tips is to buy quality clothing off-season and if you can do it with multiple discounts it’ll save you even more money.
  2. Taking proper care of your clothing by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Maintaining an inventory and sticking to a budget to prevent buying things you don’t need.

Following are the descriptions of the 3 collages in which I’m wearing the same pair of skinny jeans:

  • Outfit #1 Navy Blue Double V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee | Express
    Navy & white long paisley scarf (wrapped around the front of my neck, twisted at the back of my neck then brought the ends to the front to hang loosely), navy heeled ankle boots with a zipper in the front, silver dangling earrings, silver & turquoise bracelet and a silver rhinestone hinge bracelet.
  • Outfit #2 Gray Microfleece V-Neck Sweatshirt | Kohl’s
    Black & white long polka dot scarf (tied the ends to make it an infinity scarf and double looped it around my neck), black suede knee-high boots, silver dangling earrings, and silver bracelets on each wrist.
  • Outfit #3 Silver Sequin Cami (old) | Express
    Black faux shearling cardigan sweater, gray heeled ankle boots, black & silver dangling earrings and a silver rhinestone stretch bracelet.

Remember when you feel good, you look good. Wear what makes you feel good! Have a fabulous weekend!! ~Steph

58 thoughts on “A Day At The Mall”

  1. It seems most of the women who have read this post feel the same way. I can’t tell you how relieved I am because I thought there was something wrong with me because I never liked clothes shopping but I don’t mind doing it online for convenience. I’ve been searching for a local farmer’s market near me because I’m sick of the grocery store fruits and veggies.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words!! It’s so funny how many women have commented that they too hate malls. I really thought I would be in the minority and so glad to find out I’m in good company 😀

  3. Love your shopping tips. Amazing prices. But the most amazing part is how you put it all together. You look terrific and stylish and make it seem so easy! I do share your aversion to malls. They make me SO fatigued! And they are pricey.

  4. I struggled with the opening line too and just said the heck with it I’m going with hate and actually hate probably isn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings towards malls. hahaha

  5. I think so, I honestly don’t know many women that enjoy shopping. I love getting new stuff every now and then but there is nothing about the shopping experience that I enjoy- not picking clothes, trying them on, being disappointed to realize what size I actually wear because the tags aren’t worn to where I don’t even remember. Yup, I can easily go the rest of my life without shopping and not skip a beat!

  6. Thank you Khaya!! I love thrift stores as well because I always manage to find some great gems and a lot of times they still have the original tags on them. The microfleece sweatshirts are so comfy and with our weather finally getting so cold (single digits) they really come in handy.

  7. I’m with you there of not wanting to spend money I don’t have. I mostly buy quality clothes off season or seasonal sale. Thrift stores are my favourite:)
    Great find, those microfleece sweatshirts. Love your boots!

  8. I dislike malls and most importantly shopping. When I need something I go get it and leave as fast as possible. My mom is the type she will go to the mall and shop for hours, it is like therapy for her – for me it brings stress. Great post, thank you!

  9. Points 1 and 4 on your list of reasons for avoiding malls also apply to me. I don’t mind malls, but I don’t have any money so it’s rather pointless my being there. It’s about as useful to me as a Bulgarian library.

  10. Having limited resources sharpens appreciation and increases more thoughtful consumption. One of the things I learned was to always ask myself ‘do I want it or do I need it?’

  11. Thank you Robyn. I have a couple of friends from Australia (one is a blogger and the other serves as a peer adviser on with me). One of the things I like most about blogging is the ability to meet people from all over the world.

    I want to find a farmer’s market close by so that I can start getting fresh produce directly from them vs. the grocery store. One of the things I want to do this year aside from watching what I put into my body is transitioning to organic cosmetics and body products.

  12. There’s some really good advice here Stephanae – thank you! I do not like shopping malls either. Give me the line of individual stores down a main street any time. In our small beach-side suburb (East Coast of Australia) this is what we have. I use the farmers’ markets for food mostly and only go to the mall if I have to – and always with a list.
    I love the photos – very attractive lady.

  13. Yes, I have found a kindred spirit! I hate the malls too! When I got I have laser focus; get in and get out fast! I don’t like to linger and waste time. I would say I go to the mall maybe three times a year. I do like catalog and some online shopping. But overall I dread shopping all together and only do it when it is totally necessary.

  14. I think most of us come from there, and it makes perfect sense for someone who understands it, to show others in similar circumstances how to get by. That’s why it’s so admirable that you want to help, because you know how, and not everyone else does.

  15. Thank you Caroline. I was sort of surprised to find out just how many people in my circle feel the same way about shopping and especially malls. My youngest is 26, I can’t believe that my oldest will be 30 in February and the middle son will be 28 in May.

  16. You have a great sense of style. I love all the outfits, especially #2. I share your aversion to malls, especially around the holidays, and the prices here in Vancouver are crazy. How old is your son?

  17. Thanks Paul, I hope I can do a good job helping folks who, like me, live on a fixed income. I think what makes it a little more palatable for me was that I come from an extremely meager background and as such even when I was working and making a pretty good living it was always in my subconscious “what if?”

  18. Thank you Katelon!! Yeah after years of trying to become more color focused in my clothing (because I actually love colors) in dress, my favorite is black and specifically black and white. Although in the summer I do tend to wear lighter colors. I would imagine that being on the road as you have been leads to great discipline in the amount of material possessions one has. While I’m not on the road and can’t relate as to the amount of time you’ve been, I work hard to maintain a minimalist lifestyle because the thought of lots of stuff makes me want to break out in hives.

  19. You know Bruce, since I put this post out there several brave souls have admitted feeling likewise lol. As I was writing and even years prior I would, on occasion, have to question my gender in this specific area because it’s such a royal pain. My ex-husband on the other hand loved to shop and were it not for his extraordinary sense of humor I probably would have strangled him on some of our excursions because it was downright tiring.

    It’s great that you and your wife are able to shop in a way that works for the both of you. By her liking your advice and you being able to remain focused on the task by giving said advice it’s a companionable process. Off-season, is there any other way?

  20. Awe David, thank you for the lovely compliment and I think with your fabulous laid back personality I could indeed allow myself to relax and have a good time shopping. The thought of catching you with some of the clothes you would buy might make the trip even more interesting. <3

  21. Hahaha Yeah, I was wondering what I should start out with and then I’m like, heck just state it like it is. One of my best friends would laugh at me whenever we went to the outlets because I would after a short time of walking from store to store be seen sitting on a bench like I was many decades older than my early 50s. Thank you for coming by and your kind remarks. 😀

  22. Stephanae, I think you will be providing a wonderful service by doing blogs on how someone can buy nice clothes on a fixed budget. That being said, sorry you have to overcome that uncomfortable problem concerning shopping in malls. But it does sound like you did rather well considering the unexpected circumstances. :O)

  23. Nice outfits! Given that you mostly wear black, everything goes together.

    I don’t wear black or gray and love color instead. But I’m on the road still so need to attempt to have a limited amount of clothes 🙂

    I’m not a mall person either. At least here they are open air malls.

  24. Hate malls. Wife feels the same and we do any non-online clothes shopping at free standing department stores such as Kohl’s. I’m what I’m led to believe is the typical male shopper. I walk into a store and pick something out in about two minutes. My wife is of course the exact opposite from that but I don’t mind. She likes my advice so I stay engaged in her process and am far from bored. We so agree with your note about buying clothes off-season. Sensible advice where I don’t think a lot of folks realize just how much money they can save by disciplining themselves to doing this.

  25. Whilst I’d love to have such a fabulous lady on my arm and show you just what a fun and relaxed time can be spent shopping and having coffee, I’d hate to think of you catching me with some of the clothes I buy. Though maybe it would be a fair price to pay to have you on my arm.Hmmm.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  26. I was laughing after the first sentence. This is hilarious! I hate shopping, too. I used to love it, but I’m not sure I am at the point where I have to have my ibuprofen yet. Thank you for the great laughs! Love it. 🙂

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