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50 is the New Fabulous NOT the New 40!

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50 is the New Fabulous NOT the New 40!

By Catherine Harrison, Bold Blind Beauty Contributor

An awkward silence hung like a heavy fog in the car when the Uber driver looked in his rearview mirror at the two of us in the back seat and asked my 25-year-old son, “Is this your wife?”  

My son was actually speechless and perhaps a little horrified…I was flattered, of course!  

He eventually managed to say in a slightly defensive voice, “She’s my Mom.”

He is the youngest of my 3 boys, which perhaps makes it even more unexpected. Being mistaken as a couple has happened to the two of us so many times over the past few years he has gotten used to it and now answers proudly, “No, this is my Mother.” Then we laugh about it.

I think this happens to us because we look a lot alike, we have a lot of fun together, we are often holding hands and he is very much a southern gentleman to me (opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc.) But it may have something to do with my attitude and approach to this second half of life. I am not trying to look like a 20-year-old or be young again…Lord knows I have already lived those years! I just want to be healthy, confident about my appearance, in my best shape, have a positive attitude, and live life to its fullest.  I refuse to become overweight, out of shape, and obsolete.

I am not one of those people who gets hung up on age or complains about getting older. I have too much to be grateful for. I believe there is so much life in each day that I don’t ‘want to miss any of it. I don’t think the adage “you only live once” is actually true.  I’m pretty sure you only die once, but you have to live every day!

Image is described in the body of the post.

People often ask me how I stay young looking and energetic…it’s really not that hard, but some of you aren’t going to like my answers: 


#2 Change your lifestyle including:

  • eating habits (seriously eat less sugar and carbs)
  • increase your workout routine
  • have a consistently good skincare regimen
  • update your wardrobe (If you wore it 20 years ago let it go)
  • go to bed earlier/get up earlier and have some fun  

#3 Change your attitude about getting older

  • Hang around others who are positive and seize the second half of life as a chance to be your best, not just coasting into the golden years.
  • Stay productive & get creative; working, volunteering, etc. (turn off that dang tv) and learn new things. 
  • Take an online class, learn to surf, try indoor rock climbing, etc.  


(These are a few of the easy things you can do to get started, not an exclusive list)

My son gets a kick out of re-telling the stories of people asking if I am his date or his wife. I always wanted to be a “fun” Mom to my boys and they tell me I am.  

My 50’s have been about knowing who I am, what my dreams are, how I can help others, and still be the best at anything I set my mind to…regardless of the fact I am blind.

How you age is a choice…I choose fit and fabulous!

Connecting With Catherine:

About Catherine:

Catherine was diagnosed in 1995 with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), only weeks after returning from serving for two years on the mission field in Nigeria, Africa. She has been a national public speaker and article writer for several magazines, sharing her story of learning to walk with strength and faith behind a white cane.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Baylor University and had a wonderful career as an operating room nurse. She is a former ballerina and studied dance at Julliard’s School of American Ballet in New York. She is currently a professional commercial print and fitness model with Grogan Management-Dallas and We Speak-New York. She is the proud mother of 3 grown sons and wife of Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Craig Harrison. Catherine serves on several non-profit boards and regularly volunteers in her local community.

Her mission is not only to successfully work as a model, who happens to have a visual impairment but also to empower women of all ages to step into their strength, regardless of their circumstances, with poise and courage.  

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