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5 Winter-Ready Tips to Look Your Best, Virtually!

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A New York Times article calls it the breakout garment of quarantine season. Since virtual meetings are still going strong it comes as no surprise the Zoom Shirt would become a key wardrobe essential. Today, Fashionably Tardy’s Melissa Lomax provides excellent tips on how to make the most out of your Zoom Shirt this winter.

5 Winter-Ready Tips to Look Your Best, Virtually!

By Melissa Lomax

Whether you work or attend school virtually, the most important part of your wardrobe has now become your “Zoom Shirt.” This is the shirt that looks great on camera—it’s professional, comfortable, and great at making a statement. In some cases, your Zoom Shirt may be able to withstand all of the seasons, but if it does not, read on to find great tips for choosing the next best look just in time for the cold weather! 

Show a Little Skin!

In the winter, we make sure to cover up in order to stay warm. This may include cute turtleneck sweaters or scarves that add a pop to plain shirts. But, before reaching for these items in your virtual workspace, think about visual balance. These items of clothing may lead to you looking like a floating head because no one can see how the rest of your body creates balance. To fix this issue, opt for tops that elongate your torso by showing more of your neck.

A great option would be a V-neck shirt, but any top that shows more skin would be great. Another great hack is to remember to unzip your shirt or sweater slightly or leave the top one or two buttons open to achieve the same look. 

Make Your Collar Stand Out Like A Necklace Would. 

I personally do not like having to accessorize heavily for a camera, but I still want to make sure that I have fun with my shirt options. One way I have found to get the same effect as a necklace is to choose tops that have fun collars. I may have a ruffle collar, one that is a different color than the shirt, one with unique buttons, or wide cow-neck collars.

Right now, statement collars are in season, so be daring if you’d like. Think back to dresses you may have worn as children where there was a rounded white collar on top of your darker colored dress—this is one example of this current trend. Of course, designers have gone further to include collars that are longer and pointy, embroidered, multi-colored, and the list goes on. So, have fun with a shirt that stands out. 

Fake the Fit! 

It is best to choose shirts that are very form fitting as they do not bunch up while you are sitting. But, in the winter, that may not always be our preferred option. When choosing shirts that are loose or sweaters that are baggy, create the allusion that these items actually fit you like a glove. 

  • Tuck it in. If you tuck it in while going out, do the same at home. Failure to do so may make the shirt look like it is billowing out, which does not create a flattering look. 
  • Pin it up! If the shirt is not form-fitting, make it appear that it is. Use clothespins, safety pins, hair ties, or whatever else you can think of to achieve the best look. Be as generous with the pins as you need to because no one will see the back of your shirt unless you forget and walk away on camera. But hopefully, you don’t make this mistake like I did. 

Choose the Right Colors 

Most of our laptop cameras are nothing fancy, so though we may have picked out an outfit that we know looks fly, we have to make sure the camera agrees. Luckily, the neutral colors you probably have in your winter wardrobe will work just fine.

Go for khaki, off-white, cream, navy, charcoal, or gray. But just like they warn for TV and photos, avoid black and white. Black, for instance, may appear blurry and hazy, giving off the impression that our hands are floating while we talk. White can give us this halo effect while the camera strives to correct for exposure. 

If you are like me and do not always want to play it safe with neutral colors, here are some great options: Burgundy, deep purple, dark shades of green like emerald, and vibrant jewel-tone colors like sapphire blue or amethyst purple. Bold patterns are also great options, especially large stripes. 

5 Winter-Ready Tips to Look Your Best, Virtually! image contains a wardrobe full of multi-colored blazers and shirts.
Multi-colored wardrobe

As the weather gets colder, I find myself revamping my own Zoom Shirt wardrobe. I have a space heater in my room, but this does not make for great noise during important meetings. So, this is when warmer clothing is necessary.

The Cardigan/Shirt Combo

I have shirts based on the tips above, but one more obsession I have right now is the shirts that combine a cardigan and undershirt, and sometimes even come with necklaces. I stocked up on a few from Burlington Coat Factory because I love cute just as much as I love inexpensive. 

Please remember that you too can make this time of virtual meetings work for your style. Whatever you choose, stay warm, stylish, and safe. 

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