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5 Bossy Ways to Wear a Blazer at the Workplace

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Bold Blind Beauty contributor Natalie Trevonne, has outdone herself and we’re super excited to share her 5 bossy tips on how to style a blazer. Enjoy!!

5 Bossy Ways to Wear a Blazer at the Workplace

By Natalie Trevonne

I’m a firm believer that every fashionista should have a few signature blazers in their closet. A blazer is a perfect way to exude class and confidence when paired with the right outfit. Vogue Australia defines the blazer as traditionally a thigh-length double-breasted jacket tailored in either black or navy lightweight flannel. The brass buttons on the sleeves reflect the garment’s origins in late 19-century British boating and cricketing culture. A middle child, the blazer is positioned between a formal suit jacket and the casual sports jacket. We’ve come a long way since the very first style of blazers and now, you can find blazers in all colors, lengths, and designs.

Now that we’ve learned a bit about the history of blazers, let’s get into these tips of how to wear them. Keep in mind, it’s going to be different for everyone. Fashion is fun and daring, so always remember to incorporate your own personal style into these different looks. Don’t be afraid to take risks, play with a lot of different colors and lastly make sure your confidence is always shining through.

1. It’s All Business

My favorite way to wear a blazer is paired with professional skirts or slacks. This is a perfect way to create your own power suit and walk into the workplace like the true boss you are. I have this gray and black fitted blazer that I usually pair with a black pencil skirt. It’s a great business look and I usually will put a bright pink, red, or blue blouse underneath, to give it that splash of color.

2. The Modern Woman 

Let’s be honest, you’re not always going to want to be all business on the job, sometimes you’re going to want to serve a more modern relaxed look. The best way I like to achieve this look is by pairing a standard colored dress with a different color blazer. For example, I have this cute button-down black dress that I got from Ross, that I tend to pair with a hot pink blazer that has black stripes. This is a great way to break away from the norm and show off a bit of your fashion sense. 

3. Keepin It Casual

I consider the lucky ones to be, those who get to dress business casual. There’s just so much fun to be had with this category because there are so many ways to work this look.

A favorite of mines is taking a nice bright colored blouse, like a teal, and tucking it into a pair of blue jeans. Then I take the iconic black blazer, layer it over my outfit and pair it with some fierce black pumps. The best part about this look is that you can easily go out for drinks after work with this as well. And if you have time to stop at home before the drinks, switch out the teal blouse for an olive crop top and the black pumps for some brown ankle boots with a chunky heel. You can still layer that black blazer over the outfit, for a look that’s both sexy and chic.

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Lissa Lo

I do advise, however, that you double-check with your job on whether jeans are appropriate for your individual workplaces. Every job is different, so you want to make sure that you’re sticking close to the company dress code. 

4. Crop It Out 

Another stylish way to wear a blazer is cropped. Cropped blazers look great with high waist pants and skirts. I have a cropped black blazer that I usually like to pair with my high waist black leather skirt. And for all my crop top lovers this is a perfect opportunity to sneak one on in the workplace. I have a light pink spaghetti strapped button-down crop top that goes perfect with the cropped blazer and high waisted bottom look.

5. The Cover Up Trick 

We all have those dresses, shirts, and jumpsuits, that may not be appropriate for the workplace. The blazer is an excellent way to cover up, without taking away from the look. I have a black and white pinstriped jumpsuit that ties around the neck like a halter top. I’ve gotten away with wearing it at the workplace, by simply adding a blazer. This ensemble tends to get a lot of compliments and people typically don’t even realize it’s a jumpsuit.

A Few Last Words

I hope I provided you all with some fun tips on how to wear the blazer. Of course, there are so many other ways, so if you have tips of your own, be sure to leave them in the comment section. Also, FT is all about highlighting unique styles, so if you do end up trying out one of these looks, please take some photos. And after you’ve taken some really cute photos, post them on social media and tag @boldblindbeauty and @ftonthescene, so we can check out all your bossy ways to wear a blazer! 

About Natalie Trevonne

Natalie Trevonne is ½ of the Fashionably Tardy duo which is a podcast that’s available on most podcasting platforms. The podcast features her and her co-host Lissa Lo telling the amazing stories of some dope fashion creatives killing it in the game today. For more fashion and beauty tips, listen to Fashionably Tardy today!  

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