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3 Beauty Pro Or Salon Service Search Approaches

Full service bright and fancy beauty salon.

3 Beauty Pro Or Salon Service Search Approaches

Beauty Editors Note:

As I was thinking about my September post I thought I would write about something that I had to do for myself recently. That is to seek out another hairstylist. I knew a year ago that I was going to probably have to find a new stylist because the one that I was seeing was switching directions in the beauty industry. So, since I had that in my mind I was on the lookout for someone new. Since September marks the beginning of fall and it is Self-Care Awareness Month I thought I would share my tips that could work for anybody seeking beauty or grooming services. Hunt strategically! ~Dana

“The right prep work will help them help you”

~Allure Magazine

The Search Is On

I. The Starting Gate

Portrait of a family with friends on a hiking adventure in the forest taking time out to mug it up for the camera.
Family & Friends

First and foremost start with friends, family and colleagues for recommendations for whatever beauty/ grooming services that you are trying to seek. Several years ago when I had to go through this process, my niece recommended a hair stylist that ended up working out tremendously. The stylist not only had my niece as a client she also had my sister and myself for a few years.

Look in your local area of what is available and their ratings. Don’t hesitate to read several reviews on the business. A survey was done in the industry in regards to how clients search out beauty services. And what do you know clients relied heavily on reviews. You might have to go and check out the salon in person to get a feel for the atmosphere, customer service, or consultation.

II. Weighing Your Options

Woman applying shampoo and massaging hair of a female client having her hair washed in a basin at the salon.

The selections are vast out there. Beauty/grooming chains can be one option. The prices can run from low, mid-range, and high. The benefit of going to a chain salon for services is that the staff is constantly trained on what’s new and innovative out there. The drawback can be; however, chain salons can have a  turnover rate of staff. A lot of them go to those types of places to build their book and once they do so they leave. You can find some great talent in these places. I have gone this route in the past myself and it has worked out. My former stylist came from a chain salon.

Beauty/barber schools can be another option too. They are budget friendly. Although the services are being performed by students, the students are being supervised by licensed staff. That’s one way to stretch your dollars. Pricing on beauty/grooming services have gone up just like everything else.

If you like getting massages I highly recommend going to a massage school. I have to admit, massages are my favorite personal care service.

Another option are independent salon suites meaning it is a service provider in their own private suite with no staff just them for the most part. Now prices may vary with each service provider. This option is great because you have the privacy that you don’t necessarily get with an open salon.  The drawback with this sometimes is if the stylist is running late or behind you might be in there with another client so that might take a little away from the intimacy part at times. I did this option for 3 years.

III. Decision Time

Top view of a therapist doing a lifting facial massage for a beautiful black woman.
Facial Massage

Once you’ve weighed your choices you still may be in the decision process. What I mean is that you might have to go through trial and error with somebody to see what will work. I always said that I am the most dangerous person to sit in a beauty chair because I’m a beauty industry person so I’m paying attention to what they do.

My advice is if something doesn’t feel right, call them on it in a polite way and have them explain what they are doing in your service. I will always say be armed with education and not rudeness. It is not easy dealing with people working behind the chair.

Even when you think you have found someone, make sure to ask them what services that they really feel comfortable in doing. A person may know what to do in their scope of practice but they don’t always like doing certain things. For example, I know how to wax. I just hate doing it more so the body waxing because for me I wasn’t a fast waxer.

You might have to do a bit of a trial for a few weeks or months just to see if it will work out for you. You might find an excellent beauty pro who has a heavy book and their appointment times may not mesh with your schedule. Remember to be courteous and explain exactly what you want. The beauty pro will give advice that would work best for the situation. Keep an open mind.

At the time of writing this, I am at the Ulta Beauty salon. The beauty of this is I shop at Ulta and I earn points when I book beauty services. I will tell you that on select services at Ulta Beauty the prices vary based on beauty professionals’ experience level. For example a haircut can run based on stylist, master, and elite experience. And of course I would connect with a master stylist with a popular appointment book. At least Ulta is not that far from my house. I booked my appointments for the rest of the year. Let’s see how this will work out for me.

Final Thoughts!

When you are on the search for a beauty professional or service, keep in mind to be patient and trust the process of it. You may not nail it on the first time; however, it is okay. There are many options out there. Communicate clearly on exactly what you want.

I cannot stress how important courtesy is. The women and men who work in the beauty professional arena work very hard. Make sure you keep an open mind and be flexible.

By Dana Hinnant, Beauty Editor


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Connecting With Dana Hinnant


Connecting With Bold Blind Beauty

Author Bio:

A headshot of Dana wearing a black scoop neck top under a black jacket. She has glowng caramel colored skin and short dark hair.
Dana Hinnant

Dana Hinnant, a Washingtonian native, whose journey into the beauty industry began 20 years ago after receiving her B.A. in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Maryland in 2000. She received her aesthetics training at Von Lee International School of Esthetics in Baltimore, MD.

Dana started as a local makeup artist and events coordinator with Alluring Looks, Inc. in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Her articles were featured in local publications such as Pose Magazine and Yndigo newsletter. In the mid-2000s, she was a volunteer instructor with the American Cancer Society’s Look Good…Feel Better program, which landed her an esthetician position at an area day spa. 

Over the past several years, Dana has worked with various non-profit organizations and small businesses. During her tenure as the President of the Health and Wellness division of the National Federation of the Blind DC affiliate, she utilized the platform to provide salon safety tips and skincare advice throughout the community. She was a consultant with the Ecumenical Health Council in Port Towns, MD doing beauty and wellness presentations at area churches and events.

In 2019, Dana received the Maryland Association of Community Service Award for Volunteer of the Year due to her community engagement work for The Arc of Prince George’s County. In addition, she also received the Volunteer of the Year award for 2020 from The Arc of Maryland. She is a member and an ambassador with the Professional Beauty Association. Dana is one of the co-owners of Capitol Collective Consulting LLC which launched in April 2021.

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  • The heaader is a full service bright and fancy beauty salon.
  • Woman applying shampoo and massaging hair of a female client having her hair washed in a basin at the salon.
  • Portrait of a family with friends on a hiking adventure in the forest taking time out to mug it up for the camera.
  • Top view of a therapist doing a lifting facial massage for a beautiful black woman.
  • Author bio photo is a headshot of Dana wearing a black scoop neck top under a black jacket. She has glowing caramel colored skin and short dark hair.

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