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From Despair To Captivating A Podcast

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The naysayers said you couldn’t succeed. What they didn’t know was their definition of success was not your definition. Creating your path by believing in possibilities has brought you to where you are today and will continue to guide and sustain you.

From “Dear Stephanae”

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? For most of my life, I knew I was different and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t “normal.” Then I read The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney and to my surprise was thrilled to find I’m different, not abnormal.

If you’ve been following Bold Blind Beauty for a while I’ve remained on message partly because of my introversion. The other reason why I’m consistent is because of the path I’ve been forging for myself.

A few months ago I was honored with a scholarship to attend a life-changing Daring To Own Your StoryTM retreat. The retreat, for blind and visually impaired women, opened the door to reveal a side of me I didn’t know existed. One of the tasks we were asked to complete on the retreat was writing a self-compassionate letter to ourselves. Needless to say, the introvert in me seized up and I was unable to finish my letter. Thankfully, I made a promise to myself to finish it at the right time. That time was yesterday and the opening paragraph to this post is from my letter.

Creating The Path

The thing with creating your own path is there is no blueprint or navigation system to direct you—only your gut. Outsiders won’t understand and will try to convince you that you’re delusional. Your inner self-critic incessantly keeps you second-guessing yourself and you’ll feel so lonely and afraid.

It cannot be a coincidence that this quote from my childhood has remained my favorite:

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead

where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s no coincidence that the people I’ve connected with on my journey would be instrumental in keeping me on my path. Today, Thomas Reid of Reid My Mind, sent me the link to the podcast we recently recorded and it warmed my heart.

In the interview, Because We Are Captivating, Tom and I talk about the path I’ve created and he did such a great job pulling it together. The timing is perfect as I’m preparing for two speaking gigs next week and am solely focused on the upcoming events.

I’ve included the direct link to the podcast below.

When you have a moment check out Tom at Reid My Mind who is sharing his talent as host and producer of the show. Thank you, Tom, for featuring me a third time on your podcast—it was a blast!

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16 thoughts on “From Despair To Captivating A Podcast

  1. Great podcast with you both. So smooth and a pleasure to listen to. Well done, both of you.

    1. Thank you Kerry. Tom is so good at interviewing and editing. Being able to hear him talk about his passion last week was an added bonus.

  2. Oooh, I think the first time I hear your voice, Steph. Love it and of course also all the work you do!
    Sending a big hug again. XxX

    1. Hey Patty, how are ya? I’m so glad you popped in and heard my voice. Tom did a very good job editing the piece yet I still managed to come up with some good stuff. Now all I have to do is try to remember this when I do my talk on Saturday. Big hug back at ya!!🤗💖

  3. I’m so glad to see that you’re still here, and going strong! What a great podcast! Way to go!

    I love how you handled your mother’s application for Social Security. I, too, found the power of using my elected officials to help me to get through government red tape when it tangles.

    1. Grace!!!!!!!!! How are you my friend? Oh man I’ve missed you! 💖🤗

      1. 💖🤗 So glad to reconnect with you. Always wishing you well. Always admiring your strength.

  4. Steph, you are such a lovely person and this was a great podcast! I enjoyed listening!

    1. Thank you Camie!! I don’t know why I was so nervous but thankfully Tom is really good at his craft and can easily soothe the nerves with his thoughtful questions and conversation.

      1. I didn’t pick up on any nervousness. You really did great!

      2. Awe, thanks Camie, he edited it out. I kept asking him during the session “you’re gonna cut this right?” 😆 It’s easy to do when it’s recorded however doing a live presentation scares the daylights outta me.

      3. Thank heavens for editing! I know I’d be nervous as well. I think it’s only normal!

      4. Yeah, and I so envy people who appear to easily pull it off.😆

  5. You have a great voice Steph! This podcast is also informative.

    1. Thank you Kathy!! 😊

      1. You’re welcome!

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