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Living Abundantly | Abby’s Reflections 32

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Living Abundantly | Abby’s Reflections 32 

“Living abundantly is not only possible for blind persons, I feel it is almost a better way to live. I feel we perceive the world in a deeper, richer, and more profound and meaningful way as sightless persons.”

My life is full of daily adventures and discoveries of the world in a whole new and different way:

  • Using the blend of the rich fabric of sound,
  • The touch and feel of a human hand or hug,
  • Aromas of a café,
  • And the enjoyment of a wonderfully tasty meal.

It is an opportunity to show the world we are a beacon of hope as we communicate with everyone around us. We are a diverse bunch of “whole people” who do most everything our sighted friends can, and often more. We’re people who’ve gained new skills in using our other senses to experience the wonderful world we live in.

Living Abundantly Featured Image Description:

A white, teal and gray template uses the ‘Abby’s Corner’ image. Abby, sporting her signature explosive hairstyle is sitting cross-legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar). She is using her teal Abby logoed laptop with a headset/microphone and her white cane is propped up next to her.

6 thoughts on “Living Abundantly | Abby’s Reflections 32

  1. Your thoughts are comforting and encouraging. There are ups and downs to everything (except maybe dark chocolate), and your wisdom here definitely shows an up and how to find it.

    1. Thank you George. Also, thank you for the chuckle.😊

  2. “The blend of the rich fabric of sound” is something I fail to appreciate, caught up often in insignificant preoccupations. This phrase jarred me into realizing that,

    But this one, “The touch and feel of a human hand or hug” — what a blessing to be reminded of one of the most significant events in a truly human day.

    Your work is a blessing too. Thank you!

    1. Hi Albert, I hope you are doing well. Your comment is so lovely and touches my heart. Thank you 💖

  3. Great insights, as always.

    1. 💖🌹

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