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Projection & The ‘Other’ Side | Abby’s Reflections 21

Projection & The ‘Other’ Side | Abby’s Reflections 21

“It’s always easier to assess a person’s situation when you are on the outside looking in. Imagining ourselves in another’s position in some cases can not only be impractical but also harmful.”

Perceptions And Reality Can Be Two Different Things

Many people feel sorry for blind people because they envision that we live dull, colorless lives. We hear things like “it would be so scary,” “I couldn’t go on if I lost my sight,” or “life would be so hard.” The reality is life can be challenging for everyone with and without sight.

I understand how easy it is to use projection as a method of trying to understand a particular aspect of disability, we all do it. However, unless we are willing to listen, learn, and believe people with disabilities (PWDs) this method yields negative results. To play the comparison game by assuming our lives are better than another’s simply because they have a disability is abhorrent. We have to change the thinking that disability means ‘broken’ when all it really means is ‘different.’

Let’s continue to strive for inclusivity in all areas of life. Hopefully, there will come a time when we fully embrace our differences without condescension. Until then, resist the urge to assume that disability automatically means a deficit.

As for living with blindness, it’s not what one might expect. There are so many ways to experience a beautiful and fulfilling life, having eyesight is only one.

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6 thoughts on “Projection & The ‘Other’ Side | Abby’s Reflections 21

  1. I once asked my father in law how he perceived colors as he was color blind. I couldn’t truly understand until he explained it and even then I can’t truly imagine it.

    1. Right, and that’s what I say about sight loss and each person’s experience even though we may share the same condition we won’t see the same way. It’s really hard to put it into words which is why I talk about it so much on the blog. Color blindness is an excellent example and while I can sorta kinda get a general idea without having experienced it myself it’s an abstract type of thing. The same with total blindness, I can’t wrap my head around what that must be like but I know so many people who were either born blind or went totally blind and they see the world so differently I can possibly imagine.

  2. Very wise words!

    1. Thank you!

  3. Yes, it is the difference between sympathy and empathy.

    1. Yes, there definitely is.

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