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Brittany Winner | Blind Beauty Issue #30

Brittany Winner Blind Beauty Issue #30 Featured Image description is in the body of the post.

Brittany Winner | Blind Beauty Issue #30

Brittany will be our featured Woman On The Move on April 3 but I couldn’t resist sharing her Instagram photo with you today. The image was so striking to me because it shows we are making progress in how we perceive blindness. “The white cane is more than just a mobility tool for blind and vision impaired users. It is also a badge of strength and boldness. It allows us to take back our lives, regardless of where we fall on the sight loss spectrum.”

Following is Brit’s quote on Instagram that she posted with her stunning photo:

“Thank you @beenymph and @pinupgirlclothing for this beautiful shot of me. This picture defines who I am at this point in my life. I couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments I’ve been able to achieve in this last year since I’ve lost my vision. I’ve had an incredible community to help me grow and learn, as well support from my friends and family.

I know this is just the beginning of my journey and I have so much to learn. Something happened that I never thought could, my blindness has given me a gift. By having a disability, it has given me the ability to overcome anything. I know that no matter what life throws at me I will have what it takes to overcome and persevere.” ~Brittany Winner

Blind Beauty Issue #30 Featured Image Description:

Featured image is a mock magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Brittany is on the cover dressed head to toe in black. Her pantsuit is a black and dark gray diamond pattern. She is sitting with her legs crossed in a black director’s chair and the white cane is leaning against the right side of the chair. What makes the photo so striking is the dark blue background which makes the white cane pop. Brit’s long dark hair is draped down the front of her right shoulder. She has a bright red lip and looks all about business as she rests her face on her upraised left fist.

Blocks of text superimposed on Brittany’s photo are: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward,” “Blind | She Has Deeper Insight,” “Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others”

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  1. After your first post in which Brit was featured I began following her. She is gracious and helping. And I now have 2 more authors to read.

    1. YAY!! Isn’t she the sweetest. She was engaged over the weekend.

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