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Confidence & Self-Respect | Abby’s Reflections 17

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Confidence & Self-Respect | Abby’s Reflections 17

“Like most things in our lives, confidence ebbs and flows. Some days you may feel more confident than others. However, even on the days when you lack confidence, unless you’re saving lives, it’s not fatal.”

For me, confidence is an ongoing battle of accepting my quirks, flaws, and insecurities. During the moments when I don’t feel confident I remind myself of my value and this helps me to refocus. When I feel confident, I feel beautiful.

How does one become confident? Begin with self-respect. When you respect yourself, you are empowered to choose who and what you allow into your life. Your confidence will continue to grow when you have a mutual and healthy respect for yourself and others,

Take some time if you need to, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and then when you feel the moment is right, carry on. Be kind to yourself; be kind to others, and remember confidence requires constant maintenance. ~Abby

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7 thoughts on “Confidence & Self-Respect | Abby’s Reflections 17

  1. I LOVE THAT QUOTE OMYGOD!! God bless you abby, love, you’re brilliant.

    1. Thank you!!💖

      1. no worrrrriessss! haha

  2. Awesome advice!

  3. Good advice!

  4. I think most of us deal with confidence issues from time to time. I love Abby’s advice here! She’s very wise!

    1. Thank you Camie! I’ll pass your message on to Abby <3

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