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Nothing To Wear? Abby Has An Answer

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 The “I Have Nothing To Wear” Conundrum

etre cecile tee Quote reads "Women In History Shouldn't Be A Mystery"
Graphic Tee from Etre Cecile

We’ve all been there. We simply cannot deny that we’ve shared the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

The day dawns sunny and bright. A gentle breeze blows through the open window softly rustling the curtains. The golden rays of sun peek through landing a whisper of a warm kiss on your cheek. You roll on your back, lazily stretching your limbs while yawning, as you awaken to a beautiful spring day.

As the foggy haze of sleep gradually dissipates you come to the realization that today will be a great day. Almost as quickly as this thought emerges you swiftly bound out of bed with a song in your heart ready to tackle the world.

After you complete your typical morning routine while still smiling, you dance your way to your closet to scan its contents. Your smile fades into a frown as you dismiss one garment after another. It’s at this moment your anxiety begins to surface. Yes, you have a closet full of clothes yet the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” epidemic strikes.

Do Not Become Unraveled

The simplest answer to this aged old quandary of “I have nothing to wear” is one word—versatility. While there are many multifunctional pieces of clothing, the classic tee-shirt is one of my favorites.

With different necklines, designs, closures, and fits, the tee-shirt is one of the most comfortable wardrobe items. Depending on the need you can dress it up, dress it down, layer it, or wear it as a standalone piece.

Styling Alternatives

Typically when I buy tee-shirts, I buy multiples in a variety of colors which allows me to extend my wardrobe. So how can you vary the way you wear your tees? Let me count the ways:

  1. you can wear them with jeans, slacks, overalls, or skirt
  2. you can layer them under a sundress, vest, or open shirt
  3. you can wear them under a blazer, jacket, or cardigan
  4. you can wear them tucked in, untucked, or partially tucked
  5. you can knot them (loose-fitting tee)
  6. you can knot and layer them (loose-fitting tee)
  7. you can wear them off one shoulder (loose-fitting tee)
  8. you can wear them with a belt or without
  9. you can accessorize them with a scarf
  10. you can wear them with a chunky necklace or pearls
  11. you can wear them with heels, flats, and sandals
  12. you can wear them with a baseball cap or hat

The point is you can start with a tee and bottoms as the base and then build from there. For example a few weeks ago I went to a casual event and wore a pair of cuffed skinny jeans, white tee, white hoodie, and white canvas sneakers. Alternatively, if I wanted to go for a dressier look I could wear dress pants, tee, cardigan and accessorize.

Image Description:

I couldn’t resist sharing this t-shirt I found on Polyvore. The tee is white with black lettering that says “Women In History Shouldn’t Be A Mystery.” The tee is available online at Etre Cecile. It was designed in collaboration with Stylist magazine to mark 100 years since British women gained the right to vote. All proceeds from sales of this t-shirt go to Women’s Aid

Have a fabulous weekend! ~Abby

10 thoughts on “Nothing To Wear? Abby Has An Answer

  1. Abby is so wise!

    1. Thanks Lynn, I’ll pass your message on to her 😉

  2. It is funny how I can look at all my clothes and think I have absolutely nothing to wear. Usually it happens on Sunday morning as I’m getting ready for church. In my church most women wear dresses or skirts to our Sabbath meetings. I’ve come to appreciate the classic jean skirt with a simple blouse or plain tees as you suggest with a jacket or jewelry. This is great advice, Steph!

    1. Oh Camie, I love a jean skirt and have been looking for one, off and on, for about 5 years now. I just can’t find “the one” but I’m no quitter 😉 I had to chuckle at your opening line because back when I was working I literally went through this every. single. day. Well, almost everyday. Some days I was satisfied with what I preplanned to wear. Thanks for coming past. <3

      1. Best of luck finding that perfect jean skirt!

      2. Thanks Camie. 🙂

  3. I often look at my packed closet and think I have nothing to wear. When I buy clothes I am drawn to pretty dresses that I rarely wear… Need to buy more t-shirts!

    1. You know there was a survey done that basically says we only use about 20% of our wardrobe. This is one of the reasons I downsized but then it seems like I’ve still accumulated more stuff. It’s such a vicious cycle.

      1. I think I only use 10% of mine. I keep thinking there will be some occasion…

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