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Broken & Misconceptions | Abby’s Reflections 19

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Broken & Misconceptions | Abby’s Reflections 19

“Society has a tendency to look at people with visible disabilities as broken. Yet we look at people with invisible disabilities with an undue amount of skepticism. The real issue is our broken society. Equal access to human rights can only happen by breaking down visible and invisible barriers.”

It’s an injustice to use broad brush strokes to paint people without knowing their full story. Projecting fear and pity onto others from our limited understanding can hurt and devalue people.

Here at Bold Blind Beauty, we believe we can improve humanity by changing the way we perceive one another. The way we achieve this goal is starting with empathy, genuine respect, and kindness.

There are ‘whole’ people living with disabilities who are positive, passionate and live their lives with purpose. There are also ‘broken’ people living without disabilities who are negative, apathetic and cannot find joy in life.

Abby’s Reflections Description: 

The featured image is a gray, teal, and white template. Abby is sitting cross-legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar). Her laptop (with a teal Abby logo on the cover) sits on her lap. She is sitting next to her white cane with a headset and microphone atop her signature explosive hairstyle.

15 thoughts on “Broken & Misconceptions | Abby’s Reflections 19

  1. I see this all the time. It’s a shame because those who are judging are missing out on getting to know some beautiful people.

    1. It really is Camie. I know to some degree we can’t help our judgmental traits but if we just stop long enough to extend a little grace, you’re so right in that we could get to know some truly beautiful people.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Steph. My OCD makes me very detail oriented and in many ways an excellent employee, when I am well.

    1. Do you ever feel like you get lost in the details? I ask because I am the same way and have been trying over the past few years to focus on the big picture although I find myself going back to familiar behaviors. It drives me nuts because I could get so much more accomplished if I could let go of the tiny details.

      1. I do get lost in the details and I have had years of psychotherapy/medication. I have to say that Prozac is the miracle drug for me – it allows me to function and stop obsessing so much. Sometimes I write lists because it allows me to see what is obviously a priority better than listening to my brain. One of my crazy OCD habits was to check (up to 10 times) what I had put in an envelope. It added on so many hours to my workday (that was before medication). It gets a little worse during menopause…I can feel a wee hot flash!

      2. I began taking Prozac a little over a year ago and it has worked better than some of my other meds. When I started taking it I was on Wellbutrin as well but eventually was able to stop the Wellbutrin. I still have crazy routines but I think the lack of eyesight has helped tremendously because I don’t obsess over what I can’t see if that makes sense.

      3. I really do understand and I am glad it has worked for you. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

    1. Sadly yes. Thanks Heidi. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  3. I absolutely love what your blog stands for Steph. Your empowering posts are making a difference in the world which is exactly what we need.

    1. Oh Miriam, this means so much coming from someone like you. You have such heart and beautifully express it through your words and music. Thank you for your compliment. <3

      1. You’re very welcome Steph. And thank you for your beautiful words too 💜

  4. Great post showing a simple yet profound message. Love it. ❤

    1. Thank you!!

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