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Makeup & Beauty | Abby’s Reflections 34

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 Makeup & Beauty | Abby’s Reflections 34

“About makeup, don’t believe there is something wrong with you that needs fixing. Wear it because it’s fun, and you enjoy feeling the physical transformation. Do not feel pressured to conform.”

A tube of lipstick or a swipe of a mascara wand lifts the spirits of many and it’s great! Likewise, it’s great if you don’t particularly care for wearing cosmetics.

Provided you don’t have any health or allergy related issues if you are blind or visually impaired (B&VI) and are curious about makeup give it a try. Grab a friend and head out to a department store makeup counter or beauty stores like Sephora or Ulta. You could also contact a beauty consultant for help in learning basic makeup application skills.

Like parties? Gather a few friends and throw a makeup party. You’ll want to consult with the planner in advance to let them know you may have B&VI guests to work out logistics. The beauty of this is the mutual education for you, your friends, and the beauty consultant—it’s a win-win.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, if makeup just isn’t your thing, don’t do it to appease others. Be you and be comfortable in your skin.

Good looks, good health, youth, and money will only take carry you so far. If you have no depth of character nothing else matters.  Real beauty has nothing to do with age, health, status, or appearance.

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  1. Be you and be comfortable in your skin. So true. That’s the best form of make up.

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