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You’ve Scored A Job Interview What’s Next?

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Abby Tackles How To Dress For The Interview

Interview Attire: Black Dress Pants; Tan & Black Tote Bag w/Gold Accents & Orange Tassel; Black Oxford Heels
Black Dress Pants, Tote Bag & Oxford Heels

You’ve done it!! You scored a job interview for your next dream position. There’s only one thing; as a blind or visually impaired woman, how are you going to make a great first impression? Let’s begin with these five tips:

  1. Understand your goals – know the difference between a job or stepping stone to a career
  2. Focus on your qualifications – keep the focus on your skills and abilities
  3. Know your worth – you are more than your disability, you are competent and valuable
  4. Carry yourself with confidence – your posture and how you walk, talk, and sit speaks volumes
  5. Dress the part – the way you dress tells a story so think about how you want to present yourself
Interview Attire: Tan Dress Pants; Tan & Black Tote Bag w/Gold Accents & Orange Tassel; Cream Pumps
Tan Dress Pants, Tote Bag & Cream Pumps

Generally speaking, today’s workplace environment is more relaxed than in years past. Likewise, depending on the position, interview apparel has followed a similar trend.

Before planning your interview outfit you need to take into consideration the company culture and how to dress for the specific role you are seeking. If you’ve followed a job search plan you’ve already researched the firm and/or spoke with the hiring manager to get an idea of what to wear.

Think of the word balance when it comes to dressing for an interview. You don’t want to be over the top like you’re going to a nightclub or so casual to qualify as raggedy. The same could be said for colors, fragrance, makeup, and accessories – balance.

Beginning with the basics a pair of black dress pants, black shoes and a tote bag can be paired with a tailored top, sweater or blazer. In the sample photos, I used the same tote bag with a pair of black and a pair of tan dress pants each with matching shoes.

Whatever you choose to wear make sure you’re comfortable and your mobility isn’t negatively affected by your clothing. For example, if you have problems walking comfortably in heels don’t wear them for the interview go with something lower yet polished.

Final Thoughts: 

If you have a guide dog or other household pets be mindful of any pet hair on your clothing. Keeping a small lint brush in your bag can be a lifesaver.

When you walk into the interview keep your head up, shoulders back and remember your reason be being there: you are competent and valuable. The only discussion about your disability should revolve around necessary accommodations to enable you to perform your duties. Now go out there and knock ’em dead! ~Abby

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23 thoughts on “You’ve Scored A Job Interview What’s Next?

  1. great advice! i can’t wait to use this! thank you!

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for coming by and commenting.

  2. I once stepped into a puddle to clean my boots and ended up knee deep, flailing around to get out. It was in the days before mobile phones, so I couldn’t ring to re-schedule, I just baled.

    1. Oh no!! That sounds like a nightmare scenario Jane. I would have baled as well. Can you imagine returning home to call them to reschedule? I don’t recall ever being in a situation where I had to bale but I’ve been in interviews where I knew almost from the beginning I didn’t want to continue but soldiered onward then withdrew my candidacy after the interview in my thank you letter.

  3. I have gone through a few of your posts and I find that your blog is interesting and well written. Just have to leave a comment to let you know.

    1. Thank you Kally!! <3

      1. You’re most welcome

      1. You really give tips for everyone and they are awesome

      2. Thank you! I try to think in terms of inclusion so everyone can win.

  4. Awesome advice, Steph. Confidence and knowing your worth are so important and employers feel it when the candidate does. 🙂

  5. Thinking back on the people I’ve interviewed, those chosen and those not, you are spot on. Show your personality and how it will work with other people. And don’t worry if you are a bit nervous; it shows you want the position.

    1. I used to love going on interviews. Wasn’t so thrilled interviewing others but it was part of the job.

  6. Thank you very much for good advice dear

    1. You’re welcome.<3

  7. I love Abby’s practical advice!

    1. Thanks Camie!! She’s really something. <3

  8. Great confidence boosting blog!

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