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Vision & Sight Loss | Abby’s Reflections 14

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Vision & Sight Loss | Abby’s Reflections 14

“Since I lost my eyesight I now understand that vision is not always about seeing. Sight loss, while viewed by many as a detriment, is not the be-all and end-all of who we are.”

Did you know Americans fear blindness more than heart disease? There’s been a number of surveys over the years on the general public’s view on sight loss. Here are a few snippets:

  • “We fear blindness as much as cancer”
  • “Having good vision is key to one’s overall sense of well-being,”
  • “A majority of Americans (47.4 percent) said loss of sight was the “worst possible” health problem someone could go through.”
  • “Americans fear blindness as much as they fear Alzheimer’s, cancer, and HIV/AIDS”

I don’t want to get into an in-depth discussion on the reasons why people fear blindness. However, as someone who’s lost the majority of my eyesight blindness is not how we envision it as sighted people.

  • First It is not black and white, seeing or not seeing; for many, it is not total darkness.
  • The majority of blind people have some functional vision i.e. light perception, shapes/shadows, lack of peripheral or central vision, cloudy, obstructed vision, etc.
  • The loss of sight impacts our way of life, however, there is help in the form of adjustment to blindness, accessibility, orientation & mobility (O&M) training.

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9 thoughts on “Vision & Sight Loss | Abby’s Reflections 14

  1. Wow I didnt know blindness was such a huge fear. This sure puts it into perspective

    1. Yes, there are so many surveys done on this topic and it’s one of those things that people can’t wrap their heads around. Even though I’ve lost most of my eyesight I cannot relate to the experience of those who are totally blind because I still have residual sight. It’s complicated explaining what I can see to help people understand so what will typically ask people to do if they wear corrective lenses is to take them off. So many people especially nearsighted (only because I can relate) when they take off their eyeglasses or contacts they feel helpless. This is sort of what it’s like to be on the spectrum of sight loss only one has to learn to live their life with this eyesight, if that makes sense.

      1. That is a great explanation! I really didnt know there was a spectrum until I met a girl where I was a cook. She had no peripheral vision or it was impaired and then it helped me understand a little more. Still I had no idea about any of this! It is important work you are doing!! Xxxxxx

      2. Thank you Lynn. Until I began going through the process of losing sight I wasn’t aware of this either and I was born a high myope (extreme nearsightedness) but I thought I could continue getting new lenses for the rest of my life. Never thought there could be sight stealing issues with myopia and now of course I know so much more. I remember years ago when I’d lose or break my eyeglasses being almost totally helpless because my vision was so bad without correction, and yet here I am today with worse sight and I’m still thriving.

      3. You are really amazing and I mean that from my heart so amazing!

  2. It is interesting how much blindness is feared. I have thought to myself on occasion, “I’d make a terrible blind person” because I couldn’t do something well in the dark.

    1. Happy New Year Camie!

      We really don’t know what we don’t know. Even though I never had good eyesight at least it was correctable and I had the same fear. However being where I am today and having walked through the process of losing my sight, it’s not at all what I expected. Sure, I was frightened at first but with remarkable tools and training I adjusted and continue to evolve.

      1. Yes you have! You’re amazing!

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