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2018 Hall Of Fame Dedication

2018 Hall of Fame Featured Image Description is in the body of the post.

2018 Hall Of Fame Dedication

So the other day I had this brilliant idea!! I thought why not send out an email to all the folks featured on Bold Blind Beauty in 2018. The ask was simple, or so I thought. But as brilliant ideas go I hadn’t thought of all kinks in my plan. Thank heavens everyone didn’t respond to my request because I’d be working on this project into 2030. However, even though everyone didn’t respond I’m nothing if not resourceful and was able to include them as well. Here’s a link to the lyrics & credit to the music, Hall of Fame.

This dedication goes out to those featured in 2018 on:

Thank you to those of you living with blindness/sight loss for continuing to live your best lives. Many thanks to the professionals in the field of blindness who help us reclaim and sustain our independence. Thank you to the parents of blind & visually impaired kiddos who are fearlessly giving them the tools they need to thrive. Because of the work you do, together we are breaking down barriers. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Description: The video template looks like a chalkboard and it contains the names and photos of the people mentioned below.

2018 Hall of Fame Dedication

Email Respondents | 2018 Hall of Famers

Blind Beauty | 2018 Hall of Famers

Women On The Move | 2018 Hall of Famers

Cane EnAbled | 2018 Hall of Famers

2018 Hall Of Fame Dedication

The image is a cover photo collage of the first two email respondents and Hawkeye The White Cane:

  • Christina Holtzclaw – adjective is “Authentic”
  • Jennifer Dunlap – her adjective is “Mom”
  • Hawkeye – his adjective is “Independent”

13 thoughts on “2018 Hall Of Fame Dedication”

  1. Thank you Stephanae! I am honored to be featured on your blog. You have helped me make so many connections in the world of vision loss and advocacy. I really appreciate all you do. You are a bright star in the community.

  2. This is quite something. And eye-opener for sure. I havent yet looked closely, but at least three references have caught my attention by now: “Kell On Earth (who is also a “song writer, cyborg, . . . sunglass afficianado” and “I’m Hawkeye and I am a white cane that helps my vision impaired friend Cassie” and. “omgtattedsky : When I began to lose my sight I gained my vision”

    I am inspired by and grateful for your blog!

  3. No I don’t although I’d be interested in picking your brain on how I could or should do it. I get tons of email from supposed writers who really only are interested in getting eyes on their site.

  4. Thanks for compiling this list. I want to check out all of these people on twitter or follow them if they have Word Press blogs. I love finding other writers with sight loss.

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