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Jill Stephenson | Blind Beauty Issue 11

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Jill Stephenson | Blind Beauty Issue 11

“I am proud of my blindness, because it allows me to see the world in my own unique and beautiful way. I am not traditional, thanks to my sight, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has taken some time, but I have found the ability, through my disability, to see myself for everything I am, and I love every bit of myself. No matter how “strange” I may seem.” ~Jill Stephenson

Jill Stephenson is a student who aspires to become a Teacher for the Visually Impaired. She is also a musician, and poet. Jill and Molly can both be followed on Instagram @that_one_blind_mouse and @mollys._.moments.

Description: Featured image is a mock magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Jill Stephenson and her guide dog Molly are on the cover standing in the sunshine on a well-manicured lawn enclosed with a wooden fence. Jill, wearing a black tee-shirt that says “Live by faith | Not by sight” and blue jeans, is holding Molly’s leash. Molly is an adorable black and white standard poodle.

Blocks of text superimposed on Jill’s photo are: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward,” “Blind | She Has Deeper Insight,” “Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others”

4 thoughts on “Jill Stephenson | Blind Beauty Issue 11

  1. so deep and beautiful words!!

    1. Your comment will warm Jill’s heart Mihran. Thank you!!

  2. Those are beautiful sentiments.

    1. Thanks Camie. I’ll pass this along to Jill.

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