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Abby’s Reflections #23 | Boldly Accessorize

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Insights on Sight Loss & Beauty

Indulge in accents to supplement your outfit and unleash your personality. From jewelry, bags, belts, footwear, headwear (including wigs) and let’s not forget our white canes. ~Abigale

Description: A gray, white, and teal template utilizing the ‘Abby’s Corner’ image of Abby sitting cross-legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar) with a teal Abby logo laptop on her lap. Sporting her signature explosive hairstyle, she is wearing a headset with microphone and her white cane is propped up next to her.

4 thoughts on “Abby’s Reflections #23 | Boldly Accessorize

  1. When I first saw the word accents, I thought you meant speaking accents. I used to think it would be fun to be on a plane, a new town, whatever, traveling, and try on a different accent and make up a whole new story of who I was and what I did…but I’m so sincere, I just couldn’t manage it 🙂

    I’m looking forward to getting more into using jewelry, and other accessories. Since being on the road for almost 5 years now, with limited clothes and budget, I haven’t had the luxury of doing that.

    1. I’d love to be able to try different accents. I always wanted to be a spy and the ability to change accents would be right up my alley.

      I would imagine it would be challenging keeping up with accessories while on an extended trip on the road.

  2. Love the idea, boldly accessorize. It does lift the mood, and autumn season demands it.
    Btw, I like wigs. They come in hand on “bad” hair days. Unfortunately, I live away from such luxury of acquiring one. Can you believe it! 😅

    1. Yes it does Khaya. The little things can be so uplifting. Lately I’ve been ordering mine online. Sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle to get to a wig store and online shopping is so much easier.

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