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Makeup Ambush In The Parking Lot

Yoo Hoo!!! Did you ladies get your makeup bags?

If ever there was a time I was in doubt about how some of us ladies are wired, last night was the perfect example. We should have been startled as we heard the voices call out to us and under normal circumstances, we would have jumped in the car and urged our friend to step on the gas. The only thing preventing such a rapid departure? “Makeup bags!”

My besties and I were finishing up our fun outing by browsing around in a craft store. Purchases made, as we left the store and headed to the car these two young women call out to us from across the parking lot. Judging by the excitement of my friends I knew something big was about to happen.

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#1 Book Of Color II & Makeup Remover Cloths

When the women got closer to us I could see the gift bags and could barely contain my excitement as they handed us our swag. Too good to be true? You betcha, but they already had us hook, line, and sinker.

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#2 3D Mascara, Eye Shadow & Blush/Bronzer Palettes

I place the blame solely on the endorphins induced by the presence of what looked like presents. So after a quick spiel on the merits of the cosmetic line, I was sold, actually, truth be told we all were sold.

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#3 Makeup Kit, Lip, Eye & Blush Brushes, and Lip Color

The main product, 3D Mascara, was really all I wanted so the makeup remover cloths, makeup kit, and makeup tips booklet were bonuses as far as I was concerned. But I had to go all girly, girl by gushing “oh how cute is this?” In response to the items in the bag.

Before I go any further, I am not being compensated for writing this post and the goal here is simply to share my excitement with you by describing the contents of the bag.

  • #1 Book Of Color II box & Makeup Remover Cloths | Image of the Book of Color II makeup kit (described below) and a package of makeup remover cloths.
  • #2 3D Mascara, Eye Shadow & Blush/Bronzer Palettes | White end of mascara duo is the lash gel which is applied after using regular mascara, the black end is the fibers applied after the gel, then seal the fibers with another coat of gel.  The eyeshadow palette has 8 colors, blush/bronzer palette has two blushes a bronzer and highlighter.
  • #3 Makeup Kit, Brushes, and Lip Color | The Book of Color II is a makeup kit that comes in a cushioned black zippered pouch. The kit has 1 pink lip gloss, 2 applicators, and the eyeshadow, blush/bronzer described in #2.

Next week I will share my review on the 3D mascara and if you are in need of a makeup kit be sure to check out Bold Blind Beauty’s Facebook Page as I’ll be holding a giveaway for it over the weekend.

Have a great weekend! ~Abby



7 thoughts on “Makeup Ambush In The Parking Lot

  1. Hi dear Steph!
    If I am correct, your Birthday was yesterday? I hope you had a wonderful day and you were pampered all day 🙂 (Belated) Congratulations!!! XxX

    1. Hi Patty, yes, my birthday was on the 10th. Thank you😃

  2. What did they charge you for all that, or was it a give away? I’ve read blogs about various lash building serums, mascara that really makes your eyelashes look much longer, etc. I need to get healthy organic mascara otherwise my eyes get quite itchy. Hope you end up liking it. It looks like quite a haul 🙂

    1. $20 At first we all thought it was a giveaway but it was worth it. I hope the mascara works as well because if it does it eliminates the need for falsies.

      1. I thought so. It would have been nicer if it were free but the reps were so nice and the woman was singing the mascara’s praises.

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