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Abby’s Corner #1

Girl’s Holiday Weekend Getaway

Hello, Hello,

Welcome to Abby’s Corner!

After my Bold Blind Beauty introductory interview on Friday, several of my girlfriends and I took a road trip to the beach. Lifelong friends who’ve taken different paths we make an extra effort for the five of us to get together at least several times a year.

From the moment we met up and piled into the vehicle the good times began. By the time we reached our destination we had laughed so hard for so long I swear all of us were going to wake up with laryngitis.

Description of the outfit pieces are in the body of the post.
White Cane Chic

On the first day of our getaway, we spent some time shopping, sightseeing, and dining. Most of day two was spent at the beach basking in the sun until it was time for our makeovers in preparation for the evening activities.

I always look forward to our ‘evening of glam’ especially when I get to unveil my latest seasonal ensemble. An off-the-shoulder top paired with bold multi-colored striped palazzo pants and ankle-tie suede sandals finished off with gold accessories and my white cane was waiting for me to don them.

The feminine appeal of the off-the-shoulder top (bare shoulders are always sexy) and the wide-legged pants combo cannot be denied as the fabric on the pants gently swishes from side to side as I walk. Another bonus, totally by accident, is how the red on my white cane coordinates with the red stripes on the pants which inspired me to call this look “White Cane Chic”.

Image Description:

  • White off-the-shoulder blousy top has a wide banded neckline and gathered cuffs
  • Palazzo pants with thick & thin red, navy, orange, and green stripes
  • Nude ankle-tie suede sandals, chunky block heel
  • Goldtone 2.6″ Cuff bracelet
  • Geometric earrings with round mauve patina brass piece and brass triangle

The Abby’s Corner illustration was created by Jessica Marano. I’m in my jammies and slippers, sitting cross-legged on the floor with my laptop (complete with my Abby logo on the cover) and my signature hairstyle floating about my head. My white cane is propped up next to me. I am wearing my headset and microphone to allow me to use my accessibility features on my laptop.  The final illustration is currently in the works.

As Steph mentioned on Friday, our site will be undergoing some changes in the coming weeks one of which will be, fingers crossed, moving to a self-hosted platform. We’ll also be moving some things around so please bear with us during this transition.


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  1. It’s been ages I did a girls outing stuff. This sounds like good fun.

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