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5 Tips To Destination Fabulous For Blind & VI Women

The Harmony of Beauty & Blindness

It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.” ~Diana Vreeland

Living in a culture that places a great amount of emphasis on physical beauty, as blind and VI women we can often feel left out. However, in some ways, I believe we are better equipped to appreciate the beauty in the world around us since the lack of sight helps us to filter out those things that do not enhance our lives.

    1. Be You – Delight in your femininity. Love you. Validate you. Trust you. As you begin each day remind yourself that you are enough. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and reject the notion that you have to fit in. Be courageous, be authentic, know your worth. 
    2. Grooming – Think of yourself as a work of art. Treat yourself as the masterpiece you are by prepping the canvas that is you; bask in the practice of daily personal grooming.
    3. Cosmetics – Let go of the belief there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. Choose to wear cosmetics because you want to experience the feeling of a physical transformation and not because you feel pressured to conform.
    4. Clothing– Wear what you like; like what you wear, and above all else wear it with confidence. If it doesn’t make you feel good, ditch it. Your wardrobe is an outward reflection of you, it requires great care and attention. 
    5. Accessories – Indulge in accents to supplement your outfit and unleash your personality. From jewelry, bags, belts, footwear, headwear (including wigs) and let’s not forget our white canes.

Beauty is so much more than a shiny exterior. Beauty, real beauty, is deep, passionate, and resides in the essence of you; your character.

Being real is fabulous!

Image: Real Beauty Transcends Barriers | “It’s about walking boldly with confidence, transcending barriers and changing the way we perceive one another.”  Sexy red midi dress, black heels, black handbag and the white cane. Image is the property of and

13 thoughts on “5 Tips To Destination Fabulous For Blind & VI Women

  1. Oh it’s wonderful, all of it! Beauty goes beyond the physical xx

    1. Thank you Christy!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

  2. These are definitely tips to live by! Awesome read.

    1. Thank you💖

  3. I agree, inspiring for ALL women. XxX

    1. Thank you!😄

  4. Such inspiring advice for ALL women Steph.

    1. Thanks Robyn!☺

  5. Stephanie, your beauty resonates through this beautiful post! Love the reminder, if you don’t like or feel comfortable with something in the closet, Ditch It!! Blessings! Denise

    1. Hi Denise, I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your kind remark.

      1. Yes Stephanie, coming back down from the busy end of year and my Son graduating High school:)

  6. Great post Steph. Good tips for sure.


    1. Thanks Peta!!

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