Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #26

Creating A Theme With Details

Posed standing holding my white cane in front of my counter As an analytical person, I like details. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’d have a fondness for details in my clothing.

When I got the workout capris I’m wearing in the photos I envisioned wearing them with sneakers, casual, and dressy shoes. The determining factor in the look I want to create relies heavily on the shoes. So when I found these fabulous strappy criss-cross strappy heeled pumps I knew they’d work with the capris.

The lattice hem feature on my capris gives them that little extra oomph while adding a long-sleeved light knit sweater with the heels takes them up an added notch. Did I mention the sweater also has lattice detailing on the shoulders?

Posed half seated on my bar stool with my white cane in my right hand. Rear shot of me standing displays the lattice hem on the back of capris Posed standing next to my counter holding my white cane in my right hand.

The combined pieces, capris, sweater, and pumps all share strappy features that work well together. Adding a silver-toned medallion on a faux leather necklace was the perfect accent.

What I wore:

  • Heather gray, long-sleeved, ribbed lattice detail sweater | Macy’s
  • Black lattice hem capris | Kohl’s
  • Black faux suede black pointed toe pumps with crisscross straps | DSW (link is to a comparable pair)
  • Silver-toned medallion on a faux leather necklace | ancient
  • Silver-toned cuff bracelet | ancient
  • Small embellished hoop earrings | Vera Wang Kohl’s
  • White cane

Have a nice weekend!




  1. Beautiful, as always. Wish I had your style. I’ve gotten better, but sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and think, “What was she thinking?” and then realize it’s me. LOL

    1. I do the same thing. I’m sure we all have those days. I’m going to try to throw together a post that will include a sneaky photo my brother took while I was in the ER having a breathing treatment for an asthma attack. I thought the picture was funny especially because I didn’t know until today that he took it.

    2. I hear you. But I like what you said about asking yourself if you’re hungry for something and if not you drink a glass of water. I’m going to try to remember this tip. I gave up candy last year and while for the most part the cravings are gone out of the clear blue sky I get a yen for some sweets.

      1. Steph, I think you may have posted this comment under the wrong person. Either that, or I’m having a brain fart.

      2. Hahaha, I’m so sorry. I’m the one having a brain fart. I don’t know how in the world I did this.

      3. No problems. It’s like sending a text to the wrong person, which I have done.

    1. Hahaha, no you don’t D. I look like something out of Nightmare on Elm Street until I put on my face and duds.

    1. Thank you Paula! As soon as I saw them I was crushing on them. And they are unbelievably comfortable. I’ll be wearing them many, many times.

  2. You make me want to change out of my sweatpants every once in a while. 😀 Fabulous as always, Steph.

    1. Thanks Diana.😘 I should probably share some of my “comfortable” looks or shall I say “nonlooks” which I wear around the home front all the time. If my dog didn’t recognize my voice she’d probably run terrified in the opposite direction. 🤣 I still getting dressed to go out but in this season of my life I feel so darn good in my tee or sweatshirt, sweatpants, slippers, and headwrap. 😍

      1. I love your look, Steph. I’m going out with my daughter today and I’ll dress up a bit 🙂 (I won’t wear my pajamas!) Ha ha.

      2. Hahaha. Do you remember when wearing pjs as an outfit was a thing? Have fun with your daughter.

    1. If you like these ones Kerry you should have seen them in red. It’s not often I feel like I have to “have” something but I “needed” those red shoes in my life. ☹Sadly they were sold out on DSW and I couldn’t find them anywhere else.

      1. I LOVE red shoes – it makes me feel like clicking my heels!

      2. I know right??? Maybe that’s why I was so enthralled with the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. Not to mention, red shoes are just plain sexy.

      3. I have some red pleather boots for a Wonder Woman costume…😈

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