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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #23

Easy Peasy Run About Town Look

3-panel collage with me posed standing by my counter with my white cane. Outfit description is in the body of the post.
Black lattice hem capris | Kohl’s, Silver Sketchers | DSW

So last week my doctor calls with the results of my bloodwork. It’s mostly good news although while my good cholesterol is high my bad cholesterol is also high. He suggested statins I said, “no, what else can I do?” I already knew the answer I just wanted to see if there was a loophole.

You gotta understand, I have nothing against diet and exercise except, I really, really, really want it all my way, is this too much to ask? Apparently so because now I have to grow up, act like an adult, and take my health seriously.

3-panel collage with me posed standing by my counter with my white cane. Outfit description is in the body of the post.
Black lattice hem capris | Kohl’s, Silver Sketchers | DSW

Motivation to return to the gym means I had to invest in some new workout gear. After scouring some of my favorite online stores I settled on Kohl’s where I found these cute black lattice hem capris. They are so cute I wore them to my mother’s doctor appointment the other day.

Today’s exercise apparel is chic enough to wear while running about town. For the look in the photos, I added a black workout tank top, white hoodie, and silver sneakers. Since the goal is to create a casual appearance my jewelry was at a minimum (remember, I always wear earrings) but I got to sport some of my new hair – YAY!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


31 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #23

  1. Love those silver sneakers!

    1. Thanks Heidi!! 😃 How are you?

      1. Been very very busy getting our house ready to sell. It’s sold now and the new house isn’t finished, so we’ll be in limbo-land house sitting for friends for a while. It’ll be a nice rest!

      2. Congratulations on selling your house Heidi! How exciting preparing for your new house. Hope limbo-land won’t last too long.

  2. Looking fabulous as always and indeed: great decision to stay away from the statins.

    1. Thanks Patty. Yeah, just hearing the suggestion of statins was enough to motivate me to make some better lifestyle choices.

  3. You look great!

    1. Thank you Lynz!! 😊

  4. Love the look! Workout clothes are the best!

    1. Thank you!!😊

  5. I love the pants especially Steph. The whole outfit should inspire exercise, in fact.

    1. Thanks Robyn!😊 One of my tasks for today is locating a gym close to me. I know I’ll feel better getting back into a regular exercise routine.

      1. Good luck Steph! I could never stick with the gym. I walk my neighbourhood instead.

      2. When I was at my last apartment complex once I got started with the gym it was easy to stick with it because it was on the grounds. When I moved into the building that housed it, it was even easier. Where I’m at now we have a clubhouse and pool but no gym. I hope I can stick with it because it’s covered under my health insurance.

      3. A good incentive!

  6. I love those capris! You look great. Isn’t it awful that the answer is always diet and exercise!?

    1. Thanks and yes. I’ve known I needed to up my diet and exercise game but yeah, it’s a bummer hearing it.

      1. You probably haven’t gotten to this point yet, but the first time the doctor uses the phrase, “Well, for your age….” is a real bummer too! LOL

  7. Good for you for avoiding the statins. I’m in the same boat, but without the cute outfit! Ha ha. Good luck to you, Steph. As usual, you’re inspiring. 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana. 😄

  8. Great look. Love your new hair.

    I’m so glad you said no to statins. They are a cery, very toxic drugs bringing irreversible harm to many.

    I used a grapefruit pectin powdered supplement to lower cholesterol. I stay active and eat well but my need for steroids at times.had affected my cholesterol.

    1. Thanks Katelon. I’ve heard too many negatives about statins. I’ll exercise everyday if I have to just to stay off this drug.

    2. I’ll have to keep in mind steroids and cholesterol levels. Every now and then I have to take them for the asthma.

      1. If you need a good supplement to bring down the cholesterol, just Google grapefruit pectin. I only used one container of the stuff and it worked.

      2. Thanks for the tip Katelon. Now that you mention it I thought I’d heard grapefruit was good for cholesterol.

      3. It’s the grapefruit pectin, not just eating grapefruit. I did a search, looking for the grapefruit pectin powdered supplement I used before and didn’t find it. I found one with soy in it, too, but I don’t recommend soy. There were others for sale though…tablets and powdered.

      4. Gottcha! Thanks.

  9. I just love this look. This is totally how I’d dress every day if I could! 😀

    1. Thank you Paula. It’s so comfy.😄

  10. Very chic 🙂

    1. Thank you😊

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