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TToT: Relax! It’s Only A Cane – Daylight Savings, #10thankful

Not too long ago I shared a post, Invisible Yet Conspicuous, featuring one of my friends wearing an Abigail Style tee. So I was thrilled to see that Kerry added this to her weekly Ten Things of Thankful list.

11 thoughts on “TToT: Relax! It’s Only A Cane – Daylight Savings, #10thankful

  1. People are afraid of the unknown, things outside their experience. How would you respond to someone asking you why you need a cane? Would it be inappropriate to ask? I’ve often wondered.

    1. Yes we are afraid of the unknown and even though experience has shown me that my fears are typically worse than actuality my imagination takes over.Personally, depending on the situation, I’m not offended when someone asks me why I use the white cane because this opens the door to an honest and eye-opening dialog. I think it’s a matter of personal choice and I respect the opinion of people who feel offended when others ask them. Since I “appear” as if I see I understand how people would be confused as to why I’m using the cane. I look at these situations as opportunities to advocate.

      1. Thanks for an honest answer, sensitive to others Steph

      2. You’re very welcome Robyn. You hit the nail on the head. I think when we come from a place of sensitivity people are more apt not to be offended.

      3. How very true. I think children achieve this well. Their honest curiosity and concern often breaks down barriers. My grandson is so ‘matter-of-fact’. He says to his friends ‘speak up, my nan can’t hear very well’. 😄

      4. Oh that’s so precious! If we could just keep a smidge of the innocence of childhood the world might become a better place.

      5. Can’t argue with that. 😇

  2. I left a message on her site too, but it was great that she likes the tee-shirt so much. (The part about the cousins meeting for the first time was also sweet.)

    1. Thank you Bun, that was so sweet of you!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Steph.

    1. Thank you Kerry.💗

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