30 Days Week 1

30 Days With A Blind Artist Week #1


Day 1

Had a friend over for lunch, got hub to start the breadmaker since I can’t operate the programming of this space age machine. Why do the controls need to be so difficult to see?

Class- need a reference photo printed and printer is out of ink. Just send it to my e-mail says hub and use my ipad in class. Sounds nice, can’t figure out how to get his email.

Well, at least the ipad was acting up and it turns out the problem wasn’t my eyes this time

Class with girl’s went well

Still can’t get my keyboard to work right. They really shouldn’t change the control system so drastically when updating adaptive software FOR THE BLIND!

Day 2

Woke up with a scratchy throat

Grocery shopping with daughter 2, only needed help once (of course, I don’t know what I paid for anything I got)


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Author: Steph McCoy

Hi I'm Steph, a businesswoman, style setter, blogger, and abilities crusader who breaks the myth that “blind people can’t be fashionable.” “It’s about walking boldly with confidence, transcending barriers and changing the way we perceive blindness”

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