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1 Pencil Skirt, 3 Looks: Day 1

Sassy In Silver & Black

Two images of me standing & posing with my white caneStreamlining a wardrobe need not be complicated when employing different combinations of tops, layers, footwear, and accessories. As a matter of fact, dreaming up a variety of looks using multiple pieces can be so much fun! Over the next 3 days I’m going to share how I transformed one pencil skirt into 3 outfits; the BEST part, I shopped my closet.

Us blind and VI ladies may not be able to see well. We possibly use a white cane, have a guide dog, or neither, yet our lack of eyesight does not, and should not, prevent us from feeling and looking our best! Style is not limited to people without disabilities. The one thing we ALL have in common is we are human.

To images of me posing (one seated the other standing) with my white cane.

Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. There is a hidden feature within this skirt that I can hardly wait to share on another day.πŸ˜‰ So stay tuned!

Images: Grey Ann Taylor skirt, silver sequined Limited cami, black shearling sweater/jacket, grey patterned opaque tights, black suede ankle boots, and black & silver statement earrings.

44 thoughts on “1 Pencil Skirt, 3 Looks: Day 1

  1. Unrelated to cute pencil or pen skirts – as a newly blinded woman, I had an EBCM (Embarrassing Blind Chick Moment): I worked had to make a great cup of coffee this morning, determined to do it myself. It took a long time, and I poured into it a hefty amount of what I thought was milk. I took a sip and it tasted very strange – it was apple cider. Oops!

    1. Hahaha!!! I had a similar experience the other day when I went to put some seasoned salt on my french fries. Popped the lid and shook only to have massive amounts of it drench my fries. Not sure why it didn’t occur to me there was a spoon sized opening but there you have it.

      1. I think this is the beginning of my Dumb Blind chick things I will be doing. However, I did actually accomplish something: after months of phone calls and emails, I got my city to put up a crossing sign across from my home. I had even offered to write the copy which was: Advanced Age Blind Chick Ahead, Don’t Run her Over. They thought that was a bit long. I thought that at least it would slow down the traffic for people to try to read my sign.

      2. That’s a brilliant idea Carla. If the city officials had any sense at all they’d go with your verbiage for the sign. πŸ‘πŸ½

      3. You would think so. But since I have broken my ankle and am completely immobilized for a long time, I asked the city to amend the sign and add more words to say, “COMING SOON! Advanced Age Blind Chick Ahead, Do Not Run her Over!” Otherwise, drivers will be looking for the blind chick. Have a happy Thanksgiving Steph!

  2. Thanks Marypamela, but I recently broke my ankle and am laid up for a while, so I can’t do any standup, but maybe lie down.

    1. Oh Carla, what are we gonna do with you? I was thinking the same thing though when we talked the other day that you might want to consider a comedy routine. Unless I’m mistaken and heaven knows I certainly can be, I’m not aware of any blind comedians. Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t any just I haven’t come across any.

      1. Thanks Ms. Steph! I think there are some blind comedians out there, but no jazz blind chick comedians with a broken ankle. That might be a good category, albeit small, to compete in.

  3. I used to work part-time in a department store. They had great bras. I really like their Wacoal bras, but they are sixty dollars. I asked if I could buy one on lay away and just get one cup now for thirty dollars. It would be a bit uneven, but cost effective.

  4. Well, hopefully they’ll grow. Maybe brussels sprouts would help.

  5. Lovely Stephanie. I tend to stay away from pencil skirts, but you wear it very well.

    1. Sorry Stephanae. It seems I changed your name, Steph. My apologies.

      1. No worries ☺

    2. Thank you! Pencil skirts have always been my favorite. πŸ’

    3. You girls have it better than me. I’ve had a tough life. My bra size was always reversed with my grades. When I was a little girl, my grades were always double Dee’s. My bra is size minus A. I can’t win.

      1. Bwa hahahaha Carla, surely you jest. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

      2. Lol. I think you should become a comedian. You’re hilarious! πŸ˜€

      3. Carla has one great sense of humor and it she comes by it naturally.

  6. Like that sassy top!

    1. Too bad I don’t have anything to put in it but thems the breaks.πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

      1. The upside is I’ve never had back pain from large gazoonkasπŸ˜‚

      2. Oh I have. Even now I am a 34 DD and get ridges on my shoulders from the straps.πŸ‘™

      3. Oh my lord! Yeah I’ll never have that issue but when I was young I wanted some so bad it was ridiculous. The only times I had them was during my pregnancies but afterwards they deflated like like a balloon.

      4. Yeah, I didn’t say mine were pert…think National Geographic photos! LOL! I have to guide my deflated balloons into my bras…

  7. Gorgeous as usual! Can’t wait to find out about the hidden feature.

    1. Thank you Caroline!πŸ’œ

  8. Great outfit, you look wonderful!!

  9. I’m waiting for the next. Lovely combo.

    1. Thank you Deb!😊

  10. Very Sassy, Stylish, and Sophisticated! Xoxoxxo.

    1. The three S’s I like!! Thank you πŸ’—

  11. You look great. Good choice.

  12. looking good!

    1. Thank you Jim!! 😊

  13. Very nice! I’m a huge fan of gray. Love your boots too.

    1. Thank you!! Gray, black and white are my faves. I’ve tried on many occasions to incorporate color into my wardrobe but always come back to these three choices.

  14. Very flattering!

    1. Thank you Camie! 😊

      1. You look fab Steph! (I’m trusting my sighted girlfriend Ann who told me so). I lost my vision several months ago, but I have not let that negatively impact my sense of fashion one bit. I wear a lot of pencil skirts too, but I’m thinking of upgrading to pen skirts. Way more permanent. These pencil skirts could erase. Which would not be good because they have a no-nudity policy here in Milwaukee. Carla Ernst 414 614 6873

      2. Hahaha!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ This is an awesome comment Carla! Thank you πŸ’–

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