A Blindness Awareness Campaign for Women

“Who cares if you’re wearing heels or flats, as long as you walk with confidence.” Image: A whimsical image of a blue cityscape with Abigail walking past and the hashtag #AbbyOnTheMove on the bottom.Okay so this is a little embarrassing. You know how I said in my previous post from earlier today that I would be doing another post later in the day? Well, I lied.

Phew, it felt so good to get that off my chest. Here’s the thing, when I posted the earlier post I was unaware that there would be an article coming out on Blindness Awareness month and #AbbyOnTheMove. So boy was I surprised not only was an article coming out, but it was being published today.

So without further ado here we go:

I was headed to Pittsburgh, PA for an appointment with an eye specialist and afterward planned to meet up with a vision-impaired peer advisor I knew from my work at VisionAware, an outreach of the American Foundation for the Blind. continue reading

Thank you Amy for this awesome article!!

Author: Steph McCoy

Hi, I'm Steph, a businesswoman, style setter, blogger, and abilities crusader who breaks the myth that “blind people can’t be fashionable.” “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers”

16 thoughts on “A Blindness Awareness Campaign for Women”

    1. Huh? 🤔 Sometimes I’m a little slow. Yeah I’m one of those people who always, well maybe not always, but a great majority of the time I ruin punch lines on jokes because I typically “get it” anywhere from 5-10 seconds after everyone else has laughed. 😵

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  1. Personally I’m delighted to see blind women come forward with the confidence to embrace life as much as a sighted woman does.The Abby logo is great at showing blind women can still go out looking stylish and of course you’ve had an awful lot to do with that Steph with some of the outfits you wear. You’re awesome.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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