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A Lil’ Inspiration #19

On Being The Change You Wish To See

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I want to serve as a catalyst in the positive wind of change to blow over the vision-impaired community and sighted world alike to bridge understanding. ~Amy Bovaird, Author |

Image: A puffy bed of clouds in a blue sky.

16 thoughts on “A Lil’ Inspiration #19

  1. Speechless. i’d love for u to read some of my work!

  2. Love your post Stephanae
    Have a very nice end of week

    1. Thank you Anita <3 Hugs

      1. oh welcome

  3. Stephanae, you are a lovely bridge to the understanding you seek.

    1. Thank you Oneta! Hugs <3

  4. And also to be a bridge to many other differences as well. Great little post here! Retweeted!

    1. Awe, thank you Dawn!! 🙂

  5. Nice reminder Stephanae, it’s time we are more proactive than reactive. Let’s be the change we desire.

  6. I enjoyed that Steph. Very good 🙂

    1. Thank you Lynne!! Hugs 🙂

      1. Hugs my friend x

  7. Great quote. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you for reading it.

      1. My pleasure.

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