Ready to Conquer!

Or Maybe Not?

Me and my grandson Orion standing in front of the kitchen counter. The other day I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. As you probably know, I’m about to launch my first online store and the most exciting thing about it is the movement.

When I began this blog a huge piece of it involved changing perceptions on sight loss. With the creation of Abigail I now have the vehicle to make this vision a reality. But on to the cause of my excitement.

First I received a package in the mail, this always generates a great deal of childish glee on my part because there’s just something about getting a delivery even if it’s expected.

Secondly, my three-year-old grandson unexpectedly came over to spend some time. So I got to thinking, this doesn’t happen too often but when it does, look out!! At any rate I thought since the package was one of my long-awaited Abigail Style products (of which I wanted to take pictures) I might as well take said photos with my grandson.

It was such a great idea I hadn’t anticipated that such a simple, yet genius project could turn into a complete debacle. First, I began having these hot flashes but I told myself to ignore them because bigger plans were afoot. Next, each time I told the camera “shoot” my grandson would tell me “don’t say that Gigi.” Now between you and me, I imagined the reason he kept telling me not to say the word was that he probably said it at one point and was told not to since it sounded too much like another four letter word, but that’s beside the point.

Here I am posed in a standing position with my white cane.


Another standing pose including the white cane.

The point is each time I said the word shoot, because I kept forgetting not to say it, the camera on my Android refused to listen which required a quick look-see to determine why it wasn’t working. Of course, (these next words I’m saying between gritted teeth) every. single. time. this happened the camera decided to take the picture upon my examination. I can’t tell you how many shots were ruined because the camera was in a mood. I guess maybe the camera was having hot flashes too?

Here I'm facing forward so that the entire tee shirt can be seen.

After at least a bazillion takes of the main feature of the photos (my nifty new Abigail Style Tee) I realized I didn’t even have my white cane in any of the shots-UGH! It’s not often that I admit defeat but on this particular day I was beat however I managed to get one picture with my cute grandson posing with me.

The American Apparel tee-shirt I’m wearing in the photos includes an image of Abigail next to 3 lines of text (including a check box next to each word: Handbag, Heels, White Cane). Directly under Abigail, text, and check boxes is the slogan: “Ready to Conquer.” I’ve included photos that I took the following day where I added a black fly-away sweater with the tee, jeans, heels and this time the white cane.

Moral of the storynext time hire a photographer.

Stay tuned for more info on #abbyonthemove. Have a good one!

Author: Steph McCoy

Hi, I'm Steph, a businesswoman, style setter, blogger, and abilities crusader who breaks the myth that “blind people can’t be fashionable.”

34 thoughts on “Ready to Conquer!”

  1. You made me laugh with ‘shoot’, and what a cute grandson you have:-). Once again well done, your products are looking good and you look smart in that outfit!

    1. It got to the point where it was beyond ridiculous. Thank you for commenting on my grandson being cute. I’ll learn one of these days to trust the youth because had I only done that I probably could have saved myself some heartache. I’m getting too old for this stuff lol. 😉 Thanks for stopping by Suzy. 😀

  2. Hi Steph,

    Love it …. and all it represents!
    Am so excited myself!
    And I feel the same way when I get a package, even an expected one!!


  3. Some days you are the statue and some days you are the birds. I think that was one of those days you were the statue. LOL You’re grandson is really cute. Love the t-shirt too!

    1. Thank you Kerry!! My grandson cracks me up because he was trying to help figure out what was going on with the camera. Actually I probably should have just let him check it out because these kids today are all about the technology.

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