Clarity, Trees & YAG

The Surgery That Wasn’t

Golden Tree 2“NO!! I DON’T THINK I CAN DO THIS!” My brain was screaming. The light was so bright it hurt to look at it.

The doctor placed the gel-filled contact (an opaque device, with the exception of a tiny pinhole)  against my eye. Through that tiny pinhole all I could see was bright light.

“You’ll feel a slight pinging sensation, but I’ll warn you when I begin.”

My mouth was hanging open as I was trying real hard to concentrate. “Shut your mouth” I told myself but myself wouldn’t listen.

“Just look slightly to the left. Good, all done” she said as she pulled the contact away from my eye.

“Really, that’s it?” I asked. “Yep, you’re all done, all I have to do now is wash the gel out your eye then you’re good to go.”

It took all of 60 seconds, if that long, for the entire procedure. She never did warn me and the pinging sensation was like that of a soft pluck against the head except it was inside the eye and it didn’t hurt at all.

Golden Tree

All the nervous anxiety was for naught and seriously I’m having a hard time referring to the YAG laser as surgery. I have to admit though for a heartbeat when the doctor was washing out my eye I didn’t think it worked because there was this black obstruction but it quickly faded and all that was left were the floaters.

Immediately after the gel from the contact was washed out of my eye I could once again see my phone – YAY.

The very first thing I did after my son picked me up was go through my phone to see the pictures I took a few days prior. And there they were in all their glory –  the beautiful, golden trees of Autumn.

Even though chances are I will never fully regain my sight (who knows miracles do happen) I am so extremely grateful to have the vision that I have now and I hope I won’t ever take it for granted. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. ~Steph

Author: Steph McCoy

Hi I'm Steph, a businesswoman, style setter, blogger, and abilities crusader who breaks the myth that “blind people can’t be fashionable.” “It’s about walking boldly with confidence, transcending barriers and changing the way we perceive blindness”

42 thoughts on “Clarity, Trees & YAG”

  1. I’m used to those painfully bright lights. Glad you got something so positive out of it this time. So happy you could once again see your photos with better clarity and the bright fall colours.
    I have hope for sight for us all one day.

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  2. This is great news Steph! It must be a big relief now that it’s all done, and was so quick and easy after all. Brilliant that you had taken photos of the beautiful autumn because now the gorgeous leaves are gone.

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      1. Well thanks for asking:-). My knee is getting much better, still walking with a limp though but physio exercises have strengthened my legs remarkably. Next weekend I’m attending a gala function and will resort into wearing flat shoes:-). BTW I see you’re on Google+, we can connect there as well?

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      2. Hi Khaya, I’m such a slacker (trying to do too many things at once). Glad to hear the knee is doing better. A gala? Sounds like fun, you’ll have to post updates on it. And yes we can certainly connect on G+ heading there now.

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    1. Haha Brave has never been a descriptor for me, I’m more of a coward at heart but thank you. ❤ Seriously though I am glad that it was so much easier than I could have possibly anticipated. That was a bonus for me.


  3. I think it might be too easy to take for granted what we use so often. We just accept, that when we will wake up everyday, and those body functions we use all the time will always be there for us. Stephanae, I’m very happy to hear the procedure wasn’t painful, and that it improved you sight.

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    1. Thanks Bruce!! I didn’t think I was nervous going in but being left in front of the machine until the doctor came in to do the procedure was plenty enough time for my imagination to run completely amok. I’m so glad that out of all the eye surgeries and procedures I’ve had that this one was such a breeze.

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  4. Hi Steph ^_^
    Hahaha so you bracing for it and it was already over. Talk about efficiency sixty seconds and life changes ^_^
    But doctors lie sometimes they tell you this injection won’t hurt it will feel like a mosquito bite but oh no it does not feel like mosquito bite unless the mosquito is as big a ninja and carries a samurai and is using said sword to prod your backside… It won’t doctor says Smh
    .glad to have you back 😍

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