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How to Look Smashing on a Budget

Perfectly Poised & Polished

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Who can afford to spend a hefty sum of cash for the latest designer collection? I sure can’t, so I thought why not share a few of my budget friendly tips for achieving fabulousness.

  1. Be Fresh – Ensuring hair is neatly styled, being hygienic, having clothes freshly laundered and pressed is achievable and the first step to an immaculate appearance.  
  2. Buy Smart – Consignment stores can be the source of many hidden gems at a fraction of retail cost.
  3. Black Blazer – From dresses to jeans you cannot beat the versatility of a quality blazer.
  4. Dressy Jeans – Wear  a blazer with cuffed sleeves, top, heels and a phenomenal bag for a striking look.
  5. Sharp Pumps – Pumps are elegant, go with everything, and come in a variety of heel heights. At online retailers like, you can find designer brands for under $25.
  6. Stylish Bag – For a cohesive look match the color of your bag with your shoes. Forever 21 has great looking bags at a reasonable prices.

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  7. Fashion Jewelry – Accessorize with a statement piece(s) like a bold necklace, stacked bracelets and earrings. Etsy, for example, has over 7 million pieces of jewelry in all price ranges.
  8. Classic Topper – You can’t beat the tried and true trench coat to attain fabulousness.
  9. Makeup – Become a beauty insider (it’s free online) at Sephora to take advantage of the free beauty classes where they teach makeup application techniques.  
  10. Stunning Sunnies – Stores like Target carry a considerable selection of reasonably priced shades to finish off your look.

Finally, no matter your style, or financial circumstances, if you wear what you like and like what you wear, wear it with confidence. With confidence you are bound to be smashing!! ~Steph.

30 thoughts on “How to Look Smashing on a Budget

  1. These are truly practical advice that I can use to stop hoarding all my stuff! I love how you write with bullet points to highlight the important bits. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kally and glad you liked my tips =D

  2. Uh… I meant to spell—lacks style—but my fingers must have gotten in the way.

  3. For some reason, Stephanae, I don’t think this post is going to quite work out for me. I don’t know what it is? Maybe its because I shop Old Navy or something. No wonder my wife say’s I like style.

    1. Paul I have no doubt you can do this. You’ve got it in zee bag. hahaha

      1. I see your still taking those German lessons I suggested. LOL 😀

  4. No wonder you look fabulous! Great tips. I wish I could pull it off….

    1. Thank you and you CAN pull it off. As far as external appearance, it really is a matter of determining your style, understanding what works best for your body type and more importantly being confident in who you are. I think when we try to emulate others it doesn’t work well because it’s not authentic. When we can walk confidently as the unique individuals we are, I think that is when we truly shine.

      1. Yes, I have seen that women know their style, they look just RIGHT. I was talking to a friend about this just yesterday because I don’t know what my style it. I only seem to know what it’s not. How do you figure out your style?

      2. For me style is not just about the clothes, hair or makeup, it’s the whole person (likes, dislikes, personality, lifestyle, etc.), their surroundings.My place for example, reflects my personal style and it extends into every area of my life. I knew early on that in my work life I wanted to be a business professional. I really wasn’t sure what it would be but I almost always envisioned myself wearing sharp skirts, dresses, pantsuits. While there are may styles of say, skirts for example, that I like the style that suits me best, and that I feel most comfortable in are pencil skirts. The same applies to dresses, tops, pants, etc. I stay away from tunics, low-rise pants, fuller skirts and dresses because they just don’t look right on me. I can’t wear pink, purple and some shades of blue.

        Regarding dress style a good starting point is knowing your body type and the types of clothing suited to your specific shape. Understanding the colors that work with your skin-tone also help to make you look your best. The right colors can make us glow and the not so right colors can give us a drained look. You might enjoy this post with my viewpoint on style: and I did a series earlier in summer on body shapes that began here:

        Don’t underestimate knowing what isn’t your style because that helps keep you true to yourself. On your next shopping expedition take a good friend along and have a blast trying on different types of clothing until you find the ones that you know are the ones for you. I’m actually working on a project that I hope will help women arrive at their personal style destination.

      3. Thank you for such an in-depth response. You’re right that I know what colors look best on me and my body type. So I will grab a friend and visit some stores! Can’t wait to see how your project works out!.

      4. You’re very welcome. =D

  5. Agreed 100 percent. I’m always in search for a great price. That is why eBay is my friend 🙂

    1. Yes indeed Glenda and thanks to you I now have eBay on my radar as well.

  6. Great tips!! Can’t forget the smile 😉

    1. Yes indeed, the smile is the best accessory! =D

  7. Great tips Steph.

    1. Thank you Khaya!! I’m catching up on my blog visitations but wanted to ask you now, how’d your appt. go yesterday?

      1. You remembered that I was due for a consultation, you’re such a kind-hearted being and I appreciate. MRI scan did confirm that I’ve torn the lateral meniscus of my knee, and I have an option to go for surgery or a conservative approach (allow the knee to heal without surgery). I decided on the conservative approach though a slow healing process because the knee has already improved so much, I don’t want to start from the beg. with surgery. I’m still on sick leave, so we’ll see how things go when I return to work. Thanks Steph & have a super day!

      2. Sounds awfully painful but I’m glad to hear that you do have the option for a conservative approach. This way if it doesn’t work out you can always consider surgery down the road. Hips, knees and foot related issues have to be the worst because of impacted mobility. Hoping you have a great outcome as you continue this healing process.

      3. Thank you so much Steph!

      1. how are you doing Steph! I hope well!

      2. Thanks for asking Lynz. I’m hanging in there (can’t wait for the surgery). The trial magnification/narration software I was using wouldn’t play nice with my Google apps and made my computer very sluggish so I”m on the lookout for anything that will work. Right now I’m using Microsoft’s built in accessibility which is pretty limited but it beats a blank. Right now I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading and will be stopping by your blog momentarily. How are you doing Lynz? Before I stop by should I feed my stomach?

      3. I am good! I am glad to hear you are doing well. I am sure it will be a relief to have the surgery behind you!

      4. It most certainly will. I was telling someone the other day it will probably be like having 20/20 vision by comparison.

      5. I hope so! That is awesome!

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