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Month In Review: September

Marcel the man of the hour with drink in hand smiling at the camera
Marcel the man of the hour

September was one of the busiest months in recent memory. My friend Lori, from New York, visited with me early in the month and we got to hang out with a couple other good friends. My air conditioning decided to konk out during the hottest days of the summer (and while I was hosting Lori no less). With indoor temperature around 90 degrees, seasoned with a glob of humidity it was a rather uncomfortable few days.

I got to attend my first product launch soiree and I almost forgot about the surprise birthday party of my good friend Marcel – what a blast. The party was at a dueling piano bar called Howl at the Moon and it was so good to see some awesome people that I used to work with. We had such a great time and while I wasn’t able to do a post on the party the very least I could do is share a couple of photos.

Marcel in front and center with me and a bunch of people sitting behind him
Marcel (front center), his buddy Wayne 2nd from the left and me with my white cane

Then how could I forget the issue with my wonky eyes? I’m so glad I made the decision to share my plight on the blog. Receiving so many well wishes and positivity really helped to calm my nerves. To receive a good prognosis was the icing on the cake. Now all that’s left to be done is to get this laser surgery out of the way in early November. I can’t thank you all enough for your words of kindness and encouragement – I am so blessed.

Following are a few of this month’s highlights: Enjoy!

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Guest Post Featuring Mel Scott: Blindness, Anxiety, and Humor

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Until I have my surgery in early November, it’ll be a bit of a struggle to keep up with blogging and visiting with you all but I give you my word I will do my best because I so enjoy chatting with you. ~Steph

8 thoughts on “Month In Review: September

  1. Steph, sorry to hear about you losing your sister. Losing someone we love is the hardest thing aside from losing something we need and source of our joy like our vision. I

    1. Thank you so much for reading Mel Scott’s article (she another guest blogger of mine). Mel is such a great lady who saw a need and is making positive change in the area of exercise for blind and vision impaired people. I typically re-post articles written by Mel or one of her team members on the second Tues. of each month. Please stop back to check her out.

      1. I will definitely check her out. I am glad to know that Melanie is doing something for the blind and visually impaired. Kudos to her and to you! 🙂

  2. Hi Stephanae, just saw your post on (When you pause, the music still there) and I
    always wonder about that. But now I think it’s to keep us in reality to let us know even if we pause for a second we are still here and we have a chance to fight. So all the best and I hope everything went well with the ophthalmologist and God bless.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, everything went very well at the doctors and I’m scheduled for laser surgery on Nov. 3. I won’t know what to do with myself, it’ll be like having 20/20 vision. This was the best news I’ve received in a while and I’m eagerly looking forward to the fix.

      1. I am smiling for you right now, good going.

  3. Steph, I can relate to the air conditioner thing! Mine went out too this summer. Also during the hottest days in Atlanta with an indoor temperature of over 90 degrees! Thank God for home warranty insurance!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you were in the same boat Empish. And you are so right home warranty is a God-send. I know how hot it gets down in Atlanta so I know I couldn’t have survived not with my hot flashes. For me it was so awful but thank goodness it was at the end of the season and the guy was able to get it working again but it was tough going for a minute.

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