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Operation Slay The Dragon

My Weapon: My White Cane

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that one of my childhood dreams was to become a spy. So whenever I have the opportunity to utilize covert operative speak, I seize the moment, hence today’s title.

For Sure1

For Sure2

It’s two hours before my eye appointment and I thought to bolster my courage I would take a couple pics to share for three reasons:

1) For anyone facing a similar situation like the one I described in yesterday’s post do not underestimate the power of a ball cap as a fashion accessory. It looks cute and it can help to camouflage your anxiety.

2) When I’m afraid to face an unknown, having a few things that I’m fond of helps to get me through. In this case my favorite flared blue jeans with white tee, black wedge mules, black fly away cardigan, black ball cap with a gray bill and of course my white cane.

3) Taking all of your well wishes along with me helps to embolden me so that in the words of a friend of mine I can say “I got this!”

Thank you everyone for your support. ~Steph



11 thoughts on “Operation Slay The Dragon

  1. Prayers and good wishes sent!

    1. Thank you Michael! 🙂 I appreciate it.

  2. Stephanae, I wholeheartedly agree with your approach. Comfort and familiarity helps the empowering process. Now, about that eye appointment. Just in case it should go array, did you take time to case the office before you keep that appointment? I ask this in order to alert you to always have an escape route? An OVERSIGHT like that, might lead to an expensive second pair of glasses, in case you’re unable to talk yourself out of them. Remember your training.

    1. Oh Paul, you’re too much. You’d think I’d have learned NOT to be eating anything when reading one of your posts or comments. I had a lemonhead in my mouth and almost choked on the casing of the office comment. Remember my training?? Hahaha remembering anything these days is a bit of a stretch as my brain is as blurry as my vision although I think I may have been a CIA operative in another life.

      1. LOL Stephanae, I know what you mean. I’m in a fog when it comes to remembering anything these days. I tried to tell my wife that I think I have Paulzeimers. I don’t think she takes me seriously. :O)

      2. Paulzeimers – I love it!!! and I wonder why she doesn’t take you seriously lol. 😉

  3. Great attitude and outfit.

    Best.wishes and blessings.

    1. Thank you Katelon. I had a lot of posetivity flowing my way. 🙂

  4. I agree with the ball cap look. Very empowering…especially when I am running out first thing in the AM just to make a quick stop or two…and it compensates for not properly addressing my AM hair!

    1. Definitely!! How could I have forgotten about bedhead 😉 Also when adding a pair of sunglasses and you’ve got a great incognito look.

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