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Guest Post: Snake Charmer

It’s always a pleasure to present to you articles from guest bloggers I admire. Glenda Harrison, a regular monthly guest and author of the blog So What to Twenty, has been sharing with her followers, style tips via Periscope. For those of you who don’t know, Periscope is a live video streaming mobile app. One of the nice features of this app is the interaction between the publisher and audience (think of it as a live performance where everyone has a front row seat).

In the following post Glenda shares her styling philosophy on accessories. Throughout the article are photos with descriptions in alt-text. So without further delay here’s Glenda:

In this picture Glenda is sitting cross-legged on a stone wall in her maxi dress. The dress has horizontal stripes on the bodice and sleeves (which she's wearing off the shoulder), the skirt of the dress has vertical stripes. The neckline is elastic allowing for versatile wear (on or off the shoulders). The waist is also elastic.

Last night I had my third gathering at The Intersection on Periscope called, How to Make Accessories Werk (see video below). During the broadcast, I styled a basic LBD with several different accessory options, with each look having its own personality – the Equestrian, the After Five, the Playful, and the Quirky. The last look, which I dubbed the pièce de résistance (which I’m sure I pronounced incorrectly) was an Ode to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I also shared my top four accessorizing rules (see below).

To end last night’s gathering, I demonstrated one of my accessory rule breakers, that is, taking a multi-colored garment or ensemble, and matching accessories to every color represented in the outfit. To shed light onto the rule, I took the dress I’m wearing in this post and paired it with black shoes, red purse, green necklace, yellow cocktail ring, blue gloves and a white bangle. The results…an outfit with too much going on. To counteract the busyness of last night’s demonstration, I invited them all back today to see how I accessorized the dress in a way that werks. Enjoy!

In this photo Glenda is standing in front of two large pillars facing the camera. This picture is cropped showing Glenda standing in front of a group of trees with a long building in the background set against a cloudless clear blue sky.

Dressed in a multi-colored, off-the-shoulder, maxi dress of black, white, red, blue, green and golden yellow, I chose to let the dress make the statement by keeping my gold hued accessories to a minimum. Wrapped in an assortment of color, I thought it fun to wear my latest acquisition – an antique gold snake charmer wrap cuff purchased during my day at the villa. The other gold toned accessories complement the cuff plus the green and golden yellow hues in the dress. The finished look gives a polished, ancient Roman vibe with a kiss of bohemian. Hence: Often times a complete look can be created around a single accessory. Such is the case with my snake charmer cuff.

Another standing pose in front of the pillars. Close up photo of the snake bracelet and ring. Standing three quarter pose in front of the building.

Glenda’s Top 4 Accessorizing Rules:

  • Accessories should complement the feel and flow of your attire. Accessories should not compete with your look but enhance it;
  • I try to stick with elements when wearing jewelry (silver, gold, rose gold, etc). I never wear head-to-toe matchy-matchy. In other words, if I’m wearing a orange pantsuit, I wouldn’t wear orange earrings, bracelets, handbag, shoes, belt, etc. Or, if wearing a multi-colored outfit, select one color to play with or stick with elements. Wearing accessories to represent each color in the outfit becomes an over produced look;
  • When considering my own image (personality, body type and scale), I believe less is more;
  • It’s not necessary to put accessories on every part of your body. As an example, if wearing an off-the-shoulder top or dress, the bareness of the chest and shoulders is quite alluring.

Accessories are a fun and roughly inexpensive way to add to and/or enhance your wardrobe. They truly are like the icing on a cake. However, you have to be careful when applying the icing. There are times when the icing is delicious and adds to the decadence. Then there are times when the icing is bad. When this happens, you find yourself eating around the icing to get to the cake. Don’t let this happen to you. Make it all delicious so each and every bite can be enjoyed {wink}

Stay True,


13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Snake Charmer

  1. snake charmer, snake charmer, snake charmer, you know when the music stops thats when the viper strikes with sinister serpentine stealth, ( ok I just freaked myself out) but worth every bite.


    Ps the pièce de résistance is when you look sophisticated but you can not pronounce it ^_^

    1. Ah yes, B. your snake phobia. How could I have been so utterly heartless to post this knowing the effect it would have on you my friend. But I must admit your comment made me chuckle because I really could see you freaking yourself out haha. 🙂

    2. Each time I begin a Periscope, my nerves kick in. Though I have pronounced piece de résistance on many occasions, when the broadcast went live, my nerves set in. It wasn’t my intention to butcher the lovely French term. My apologies.

      1. No apologies needed dear Glenda. Beaton a.k.a.B. has the most charming sense of humor and was sincerely complimenting you. Whenever you do your broadcasts you are always very professional and authentic and this is why we <3 you.

      2. Hi Glenda
        I think I must ask my money back from the charm school I went to, I meant to give a sincere compliment ^_^
        Confession I can’t pronounce French words even if my life depended on it, like my tongue just won’t cooperate oh but can I write it down nicely enough.
        Hi Steph thanks for clearing this up for me, I could not have phrased that better even if I paid myself, yes?

        Have an awesome weekend it’s summer here, out in the sun,
        cheers ☀

      3. Oh how I miss summer. It’s only been one week but Autumn is here in all its glory complete with blustery winds and rain that if it weren’t for my dog, I’d camp out indoors and not dare to venture outside. You have a great weekend too B. ~Steph.

  2. You look like a queen in this outfit. The vertical lines suit you and the simple, matching colour statement ring is superb. There is so much beauty in a minimal look and this is a wonderful reminder of that. x

    1. Thank you for your kind remarks. I’ll be sure to pass along your message to Glenda. This will make her day!:-D

      1. Thank you, Steph!

      2. Just wanted to let you know that I forwarded your comment on to Glenda and she loved it!! 🙂 Thanks again

      3. I’m glad to hear it. Have a great week.

  3. I like the bohemian look.

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