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Month In Review: August

It seems like only yesterday we were ushering in summer yet now the days are shorter, children are returning to school, and Autumn is almost upon us. Is it just me or is time really flying by? I mean I still had several items on my to-do list for August that I didn’t get to complete and here we are three months away from Christmas, oh well…

Once again during the month of August, guest blogger Glenda Harrison of So What to Twenty, took us on a pleasant excursion to the past in Black Down Memory Lane with her take on a Jackie Kennedy inspired look. While guest blogger Mel Scott of BlindAlive tackled a fascinating question posed to her by an inquisitive youngster. In addition to my guest blogger’s posts are several of my more popular articles from the past month. Enjoy!

Black Down Memory Lane

In the Elle presentation, called Jackie Kennedy’s 6 Essential Style Rules, slide #5 was dedicated to a few looks Jackie wore which had interesting collar or neck detail. During her years as First Lady, legendary designer, Oleg Cassini… Continue Reading

Black Down Memory Lane 044

Raising the Blind on Sight Loss

The range of vision loss is so enormous and differs so greatly from one person to the next that there really is an immense gray area. Imagine yourself in a dense fog with visibility being only a couple of inches in front of your face. Your equilibrium is off… Continue Reading

HELP!! I’ve Gone From a Walk-In to a Hole in the Wall

Your wardrobe is an investment in you, so shouldn’t your closet reflect the care of this important asset? Say goodbye to chaos in the closet. Continue Reading

Is It Boring Being Blind?

Join me as my guest, Mel Scott, Founder of BlindAlive, answers a thought-provoking question on blindness posed to her by a young girl. Continue Reading…

Mel Scott
Mel Scott

Taking Control Of Personal Finances

Among the packets of information that Tammy gave us was a list of helpful financial apps that are all free and compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad operating systems. The first two apps operate on the envelope system… Continue Reading

Do You, No One Else Does It Better

What defines you? When asked “so tell me about yourself,” what do you say? Do you know who you are? Continue Reading

I will more than likely be out of commission at least part of this week as I have an out-of-town guest staying with me for a few days but I promise to catch you up. Toodles.


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