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Finally!! The Fountain of Youth

It’s on the Internet

Lies and spreading lies makes me nuts. Social media, while it has it’s pluses, one of the of the downsides is circulating massive amounts of misinformation. Like a rabid pandemic, the more scandalous the quicker the lies spread.

On the regular we are inundated with erroneous messages. From the media circus that prevails upon any major catastrophe (it’s irrelevant that initial reports are inaccurate as long as a media organization gets the word out first), to those who perpetuate errors via social platforms.  

It seems the common protocol is to go viral (mistakes and all) then retract later, even at the risk of causing irreparable damage. Case in point: the kidnapping hoax that wasn”t.

Have we become so desensitized that the only way to grab our attention is sensationalism? Why is it we are so willing to believe the lie over the truth even though intellectually we know better? There’s no easy answer but one thing we can do is just stop, rationalize, and research before handing off fallacies.

Just The Facts Ma’am defines fact as something that actually exists; reality; truth. In my opinion (not a fact, just my personal viewpoint), I think somewhere along the way we skewed the line between fact and fiction leaving us in that indeterminate territory known as the gray area.

When it comes to our safety and welfare, again in my opinion, there is no room for the gray area. However we allow many companies to deceive us into buying ineffective products because they prey on our insecurities.

Here in the U.S. weight loss, skin care, and cosmetic industries are each multi-billion dollar segments, some of whom are habitually marketing to our fears. To put our health at risk by using inferior products that promise the moon and stars yet deliver useless fairy dust is crazy. While I could talk for days on end on these three industries, today I want to share some info on skincare.

There’s No Easy Button  

Nothing short of a medical procedure(s) can turn back the hands of time or reverse sun damage. The two keys to healthy skin are prevention and a good skin care regimen.

“Tanning is a sign of skin damage” from the article “Do You Look Older Than You Should” by  Matthew Hoffman, MD a WebMD contributor. Limiting the amount of sun exposure and using sunscreen helps to minimize the dangerous effects of UV rays.

Did you know that sun exposure is the leading cause of wrinkles? While there are products on the market that can help to temporarily reduce the effects of wrinkles, the operative word here is temporarily.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time you know that I swear by Paula Begoun (Paula’s Choice) skin care products. The reason why I like her products so much is because of her science-based (factual) philosophy. She is passionate about skin care and how different formulations interact with the various layers.

For years Paula had substantial issues with her skin which caused her to use a plethora of products in search of a solution. It wasn’t until 1975 when the FDA made it mandatory for ingredients to be placed on the labels of skin care products that Paula was able to research what was being absorbed into her skin.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Paula’s Choice and a couple of months ago the research team, including Paula, did a very interesting YouTube video on how Paula got started. You gotta love how candid Paula is on the facial work she’s had done, her knowledge on how ingredients interact, and their effectiveness when used on the skin.

Since the audience was able to submit questions for Paula the one that grabbed my attention (a fascinating topic for a later date) was the hayflick phenomenon. The short definition of hayflick phenomenon is when skin cells stop reproducing and die. Apoptosis, the death of cells, that occurs as a natural process is probably the reason why there will not be a fountain of youth – bummer.

In the YouTube video Paula talks about the medical and science journals that she reads daily and this makes sense since due to her science background. For the rest of us I’m not suggesting that we read like material but we should do our homework to ensure that the products we are using on our skin are not only safe, but effective as well.

“Television to brainwash us all and Internet to eliminate any last resistance.” ~Paul Carvel

8 thoughts on “Finally!! The Fountain of Youth

  1. Do you use those beta hydroxy acid (bha’s) products? I tried that anew cream from Avon back in the 90’s I think, and wasn’t that fond of it.

    I am on a really tight budget right now, but I do have a couple of sort of expensive products that I love. They both come together in one box. The first is 100% pure organic first cold pressed virgin rosehip oil. The other is a rosehip cream. It is made by a company in Spain called NATYSAL.

    I love it, because it makes my skin feel nourished and moisturized without stinging or fumes. It also seems to make my skin tone a little more even.

    Do you have a product that you like?

    1. Yes, I tried a 5% AHA intially but it was too strong so now I use a 1% BHA and I haven’t had any issues at all.

      For skin care I only use Paula’s Choice Cleanser, BHA, Serum, and Moisturizer/sunscreen. I recently ran out of my regular moisturizer though but I’m trying samples of a different formulation but it has a slight tint and I’m not sure how it makes my skin look. I have to try it when one of my friends are around for feedback before I purchase the full size. I do like that it manages my oily skin very well. The other formulation that I was using in the winter was okay since my skin is drier during the winter months but in the summer is so oily I feel like my makeup is sliding off.

      1. I just went to Paula’s site, and looked around. Her products seem reasonably priced. If I ever feel the need for a change I will have to try some of her products.

      2. A friend of mine recommended Paula’s Choice to me last year. I began using the site just to look up ingredients in some of the products I was using at the time and later on bought some of her sample product which allowed me to try before I bought.

  2. I’m glad I haven’t been in the sun much myself. I’ve seen the damage it does to people.

    1. I hear you. When I was growing up there was this lady who lived for the sun but she looked like a dried up prune. Her skin appeared to be tough as leather and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why a person would do that to themselves.

      1. I know. I see people like that ALL that time! Crazy.

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