Black Down Memory Lane

I’m so excited to share with you today a vintage inspired look from my guest contributor, Glenda Harrison. I hope that this post will spark some stylish creativity. Enjoy!

Sparked by a recent piece which remembered the style of Jackie Kennedy, I felt the need to take another trip Back Black Down Memory Lane. I hope you saw Monday’s post called Kick-Hem, which was another take on wearing vintage inspired clothing. The vintage bug must have bit me because I’m definitely infected.

In the Elle presentation, called Jackie Kennedy’s 6 Essential Style Rules, slide #5 was dedicated to a few looks Jackie wore which had interesting collar or neck detail. During her years as First Lady, legendary designer, Oleg Cassini, designed a plethora of garments which featured interest around the neck. Jackie must have really grasp hold of these types of looks since she dawned many neck-adorned fashions throughout the decades.

To further my stroll down memory lane, I’ve selected an obvious black dress for this post, and paired it with accessories which were very popular during the 50s and 60s era…Cat-eye sunglasses, a ladylike silk floral handbag, a pair of laser-cut gloves from my personal archives (I’ve been collecting vintage gloves for years), and a necklace which was wrapped around my arm several times to create a charm bracelet. Remember the scene in 1954’s Rear Window when Grace Kelly wore an amazing gold charm bracelet with a lime green suit? If you don’t recall this epic fashion scene, please visit my provided link. So incredibly chic. Enjoy today’s stroll Black Down Memory Lane!

Outfit DetailsTie Neck Poplin Dress: eshakti; Strappy Sandals (Enzo Angiolini Strappy Sandals at Nordstrom); Silk Floral Handbag by Banana Republic via eBay (I found a couple still available. Search on eBay);  Vintage Ivory Gloves (my personal archive); Cat-eye Sunglasses: Getty Center Gift Shop (Many Cat-eye Sunglasses at Nordstrom); Emerald Ring was a gift from a former employer; Polish is A List by Essie.

Here Glenda is looking very chic and ladylike with her gloves on, holding her handbag and standing in a frontal view pose.


This photo is a close up of the cream colored floral vintage handbag and white gloves

Frontal view of Glenda walking towards the camera carring her bag and gloves.Glenda is sitting on a park bench cross legged with her bag sitting next to her. This view is a three-quarte standing pose of Glenda holding her bag and gloves.

Some would cringe at the idea of being ladylike. I, on the other hand, feel extremely powerful for my trip Black Down Memory Lane – the nipped at the waist black dress with feminine shawl collar, delicate gloves and dainty purse all add to the charm of yesteryear, when ladies dressed like ladies and men responded by treating us as such{wink}

Stay True,


Author: Steph McCoy

Hi, I'm Steph, a businesswoman, style setter, blogger, and abilities crusader who breaks the myth that “blind people can’t be fashionable.” “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers”

9 thoughts on “Black Down Memory Lane”

    1. I think it’s gorgeous and she mentions Grace Kelly in Rear Window, that green suit is one of my all time favorites. I especiall like the halter and I did a blog on it early last year. But the look in today’s post is so pretty and I love the gloves. I told Glenda I’ve always liked gloves but alas, I don’t have a collection 😦

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