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Month In Review: July

Trees and lawn in front of my condo against a blue sky.I cannot believe that this is the last day of July. The shorter days have become more apparent as the sun rises later in the morning thus slowing the recession of the tree’s shadows from the front of my building. Oh how I miss the warmth of the bright sunshine during me and Mollie’s early morning walk.

July was a fabulous month. There were cookouts, pedicures, open houses, outdoor concerts, hanging with old friends and meeting new friends. Though I still haven’t made it to the pool yet (I’ve put this on my to-do list for August), once we made it through some pretty nasty weather near month’s end it was pretty decent.

I was also excited to reach a couple of notable milestones on the blog including my 30th post and over 26,000 visits. In view of this I went through the month’s stats and highlighted below some of your favorite blog posts for the month of July:

The Other Side

Death – it comes for all of us. As we get older we are moving further away from the promises and dreams of a fulfilling life and inching ever closer to the end of our own. Continue Reading…


The key to living an inspired life is knowing thyself. When you know yourself, you trust your instincts, or what some say…trusting your gut (that feeling from deep within). You’ll no longer feel the need to mimic what others are doing because you’ll feel confident in yourself. Continue Reading…

What is Your Dress Code Personality #2

Broadly speaking, people who are mostly exuberant, fearless, adventurous, and optimistic aren’t afraid to take risks. Also, these folks typically exude a confidence that allows them to journey through life without concern for what others think… Continue Reading.

It’s Not Just for Makeup Artists Anymore!

When I first heard the word strobing I thought to myself “am I crazy or is that just another word for highlighting?”  Continue Reading…

Make Money, Create Safety

Have you ever tripped over shoes, clothes, or anything on the floor that you did not know was there? If you are blind, then you have done this for sure.  Continue Reading…

Observing 25 Years of the ADA

…as one of the largest minority groups in the U.S., even with the ADA in place, the struggle for equality for people with disabilities is ongoing. Could it be because the majority of us are not, and perhaps never will be affected by disabilities, that the insensitivity and mistreatment of people with disabilities continues? Continue Reading…

Destination Success – You’re At The Wheel

What differentiates successful people from people who remain in a constant state of failure is perseverance and resilience. Successful people fail, we all fail. It’s how we respond to our failures that determines if or how we will rise. Continue Reading…

I’ll leave you with one more personal observation/question on late summer – what is with the katydids, cicadas and crickets? Is it my imagination or do they get louder towards summer’s end?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Month In Review: July

  1. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun. Yes, I know the days are getting shorter when I open my blinds and drapes gets closer to leaving for work time. Drat.


    1. Well then Sherri we surely must be having fun b/c the time, it is a flyin’

  2. I love the sounds of summer insects.
    Have a great weekend and an even greater August.

    1. Hi Kerri, I know the sounds are almost magical aren’t they? You have a great weekend as well.

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