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Concert In The Square

Summer’s Heat vs. Hot Flashes

20150729_122117-001A sudden feeling of feverish heat, is the description at the top of a Google search on hot flashes. When I saw this short definition I had to wonder if it was written by a man because it doesn’t remotely come close to the intensity of what a hot flash feels like.

There is no comparison to the oppressive, sweltering, red-hot heat that builds inside when you’re having a hot flash. Since I know that heat is one of the triggers to my flashes, as much as humanly possible, I try to avoid situations where I know I’ll be prone to having an episode.

While my hot flashes are nowhere near as bad as they once were, whenever I have one I still feel like I want to peel off my skin, literally. Knowing all of this when I have outdoor plans on an extremely hot and humid day like yesterday, I have to prepare accordingly.


In hot sticky weather comfort is of the essence because quite frankly I can’t take the feel of sleeves, certain fabrics like denim, or even some knits against my skin. Even looking at dark colors like black and navy, which are known to absorb heat, make me cringe.

On a day like yesterday I knew a maxi dress or maxi skirt was completely out of the question. Even though I typically find these type garments very comfortable to wear in the summer I just couldn’t see myself wearing either of them in the blazing hot sun. So with all of this in mind, yesterday’s “lunch in the square” outfit was centered around my fedora.


Brown shorts, with a mint lace camisole and mint flats completed my look. Mint is such a cool, refreshing color, and psychologically I feel calm when wearing it which made it a great choice to wear on a hot, steamy, day. The added benefit of course is the dainty, tactile lace on the camisole – why even the straps are lace.

Friendship Hats & Boutiques

My excitement yesterday morning was palpable because my friend Margie and I were going to do lunch in the square. The square to which I refer is Pittsburgh’s Market Square, a hubbub of activity especially during the summertime lunch hour.

As soon as I got in Margie’s vehicle she said “uh-oh we’re gonna look like twins because I have my fedora as well,” to which I laughed and said “yup, this heat is no joke, we need these hats for sun protection.”


Margie, one of the most effervescent people I know, was one of a group of people with whom I worked. Our friendship blossomed out of the shared experience of work, then fifteen years later we would also share the experience of being laid off and subsequent retirement.

Once we arrived downtown our first stop was at Five Guys Burgers and Fries to grab some food for our outdoor lunch. Then we headed on over to Market Square to find a table (preferably with an umbrella) to enjoy some music.

I almost had a momentary panic attack as we neared the square because Margie said that it looked like all of the tables with umbrellas were taken by lone individuals. Before the words could form on my lips (because there was no way I was going to roast in direct sunlight) Margie was asking this guy if we could join him.

Our table mate (can’t remember his name) was a very nice man who recently moved back to Pittsburgh after 30 some years of being in Atlanta. He stopped by the square to relax and people watch after a job interview and was blissfully unaware of the impending musical entertainment.


For a nanosecond I felt a little guilty as I prepared to dive into my burger and fries (because the guy only had an iced tea) but after the first bite the guilt quickly dissipated. The cheeseburger was good but the fries were pure ambrosia!!

The three of us enjoyed great conversation and music, then afterwards Margie and I departed to stop by two boutiques that we used to patronize when we worked downtown. Unfortunately the one, Serendipity, was out of business but I was delighted to find that other one, Boutique La Passerelle, is still in its same location and doing quite well.

While we were there the friendly manager, Anna Ciaccio, was quite accommodating in allowing me to take some pictures to share with my readers. What I love most about boutiques are their unique offerings that you won’t find anywhere else and they afford us the opportunity to expand our creativity.

Even with the heat, I had a wonderful time hanging out with Margie and can’t wait to do it again!

“It’s not how many friends you can count, it’s how many of those you can count on.” ~Anthony Liccione

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