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Make Money, Create Safety

Guest Post by Mel Scott of BlindAlive

Pile of shoesCreate A Safer Home, Make Money Have you ever tripped over shoes, clothes, or anything on the floor that you did not know was there? If you are blind, then you have done this for sure. In the beginning of my marriage and mothering years, I decided I had to find a way to manage the problem in a way that was effective and even fun. I remembered my behavior modification classes I took in college and when applied correctly, it really works.

First, pick something that absolutely must be changed in order for you to be safe in your own home. For me, it was shoes randomly thrown anywhere in the house. I showed the offender the problem and gave them one warning like this. “If I find shoes anywhere in the house other than where we have both agreed that they may be, you will either pay me with money or by performing a service of my choosing.”

It was difficult to hold them to it but I was strong. It was truly remarkable how quickly shoes disappeared. As the years have passed and I have lost more sight, the main issues have been kitchen cabinet doors and drawers being left open. I have sported several bruises to face and thighs and I finally got mad enough to impose a fine. My husband actually imposed a $20 fine upon himself when he witnessed a head banging episode with tears and bruises that followed. He paid me only once and that was enough to change the behavior.

The trick is to start small and increase your fee until you get the results you want. It will never be perfect but it really works to use behavior modification when changes must be made in order for peace to reign in your home.

I have not gotten rich this way and for which I am grateful. It has been and continues to be a very effective tool to make navigating my world a little easier. Try it and let me know what works for you.

Mel Scott is the Founder of BlindAlive eyes-free fitness. If you would like to know more about how eye-fitness works you can visit Mel at

11 thoughts on “Make Money, Create Safety

  1. This post reminds me of bringing up children who would rather consign clothes to the washing hamper or under the bed rather than put them away. I resorted to taking a rubbish-bag and removing all clothing which was not in the correct place, leaving a note to say “I have 8 undies, 2 jumpers (etc.) ….These articles can be redeemed at a rate of one per day, or by doing extra jobs around the house.” I don’t recall having to do that again.

    1. This is genius!! Where were you when my kids were little hahaha. Seriously though I did institure a similar process with their toys however if they did not put them away I confiscated them and many times would not give them back. The end result was my oldest is a little OCD like me but the other two are, well let’s just say they don’t take to being very neat. But they’re all grown now and don’t live with me so I have no contol over their homes (thank goodness).

  2. I like the knowledge put out here. It surely can help me bring some sanity into the home as far as the organization of the shoes are concerned.
    Steph thanks for visiting my site and following. I like your niche.

    1. Hi Albert, I’m so glad to hear that this information is helpful to you. You might also like the post I did on Aug. 04 on closet organization.

      I”m so glad I found your site and I can’t wait to see more of your posts. We need so much more positivity in this world and you are definitely doing your part.

      1. Thanks Stephanae. Sure will check it

  3. You could institute a rule that no shoes are to be worn in the house….leave them at the door where you know they will be. Encourage going barefoot; it’s good for your feet.

    1. Than you for your comment Patricia. I hope Mike Strong will see these helpful tips. My kids always poke fun at me because I’m so OCD about my surroundings but this has helped me especially with my limited sight.

  4. My mother is 80 years old a suffers from macular degeneration. she also loves to leave her shoes lying around all over the place. She has gotten over weight and has mobility issues. A month ago she tripped over her shows and fell. Even with my fathers assistance she was unable to get up off the floor for an hour. I love your strategy for behavioral change but how would you adapt it for this situation?

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about your mom’s fall, I hope she is okay. This article was written by one of my contributors. I’ll pass your message on to her and get back to you with any suggestions she may have. ~Steph

    2. Hi again Mike, Here’s what Mel had to say:
      “This sounds like a tough situation. I am thinking that falling over your own shoes might be enough to motivate a behavior change all by itself. Maybe if she could talk through an agreed upon spot for her shoes that it might help with awareness.”

    3. Another response from Lisa one of Mel Scott’s writers “They also might want to consider getting a small floormat that contrasts with the regular floor. She could put her shoes on this, and they would then be a bit more visible to her.”

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