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Perfectly Pastel Pedicure

Forging Forward

Collage of pedicure pics: Spa, foot in water, legs being massaged and wrapped in warm towels, prepping nails, painted toes & feet under dryer.It’s official, I’ve finally reached maturity. For the other day was the first time I went for a pedicure all by myself (gives self a high-five).

Going all by my lonesome for a pedicure was an extraordinarily humongous “feat” for me because up until the point when I reached maturity, I couldn’t be trusted to venture forth solo. Heck, it was only a few short years ago when I had my first pedicure.

You may be wondering “how in the world could a woman who was almost 50 at the time, not have had a pedicure?” Especially since I spent many years getting regular manicures.

The answer was/is simple – I have extremely ticklish feet. When I say extremely I mean NO ONE can touch my tootsies without sending me into an intense fit of giggles.

Essie 2015 Summer Collection
Image from email: Essie 2015 Summer Collection

Even Mollie (my dog), who for some inexplicable reason has a foot fetish, knows that my “dogs” are off-limits. So avoidance of this ticklish issue worked exceptionally well for me. Part of the reason could have been due to the fact that pre-vision loss I did my toenails.

It’s funny how circumstances can alter how we do things because, stubborn as I am, even though I could no longer see my toes, I still insisted on painting them myself. Were it not for my friend Lori (everyone needs a good friend who will set you straight) who pulled me aside and told me I was in serious need of professional toe maintenance, who knows where I’d be now.

White Crop Pants & Wedges three-quarter standing view with tan tote Frontal view sitting with legs crossed. Rear standing view.

I don’t mind telling you that I was one uptight lady when I went for my first pedicure. Although Lori was right there with me it didn’t prevent me from acting like a lunatic when the technician had to do their thing – I could not stop laughing.

Eventually I was able to settle down but going forward I just didn’t feel confident enough to go to these appointments by myself because let’s face it, who wants to cause a raucous by themselves (that’s no fun). Better to have a gal pal close by so you can blame your childishness on her.

So how was I able to get through this recent pedicure ordeal unaccompanied? I went as soon as they opened to avoid the condemning looks of nosy onlookers, then I took pictures. Yeah, that’s right, I told the technician I had a blog and asked if I could take some photos.

thee-quarter view standing. Frontal view standing.

Salt Water Taffy

Back in May I did a post called Sandals, Sunnies & Sensational Bags where I talked nail polishes I bought from Essie’s Spring 2015 collection. Well in early June the Summer collection came out and I was wracking my brain trying to think of a word that sums up the colors.

Then it hit me today – salt water taffy. So without further delay here goes Essie’s colors and my comparable salt water taffy flavors at the end of each sentence:

  • Sunset Sneaks (sultry crimson) – vibrant crimson red. Cinnamon
  • Peachside Babe (luscious peach) – not too orange, not too pink. Peaches & Cream
  • Private Weekend (sparkling white) – pure white with a subtle shimmer. Vanilla
  • Chillato (creamy pistachio) – just the tiniest hint of green. Golden Pear
  • Saltwater Happy (sweet atlantic-blue) – soft, light blue. Blueberry
  • Pret-a-Surfer (alluring marine blue) – deeper more vibrant shade of blue. Raspberry

To show off my toes in today’s photos I’m wearing white capri pants & wedges. Following is the outfit description:

  • Shirttail Tee | Ann Taylor (similar HERE) – The tail of this black three-quarter length sleeve scoop-neck tee is longer in the back than the front. The linen blend material is so lightweight it’s comfortable even in hot weather.
  • Capri pants (old) | Macy’s (similar HERE)- White cropped pants with rhinestone embellishment at the hems and fly.
  • Esprit Oceane Canvas Wedges | – Cork wedges with canvas cross-over bands. The canvas bands are attached to the wedges with metal studs.
  • On The Edge Zippered Tote (old) | Forever 21 (similar HERE) – Large convertible tote with zipper accents on the edges. Zippers can be left open for a larger bag or closed to make it smaller.
  • Accessories (old) | Long silver tassel necklace, thick silver cuff bracelet, drop earrings finished off the outfit.

How do you like to show off your lacquered toenails?

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“Nails take any old outfit and make it new.” ~Essie

4 thoughts on “Perfectly Pastel Pedicure

  1. Should I be ashamed of myself? I, age 60, have never had a pedicure. Of course, I never wore nail polish on my toes. Besides, my toenails are extremely short and stubby (toes included in the shortand stubby).

    1. I only had a professional pedicure once, at age 54, for my daughter’s wedding. I just don’t like my feet being touched. I know what Stephanie is talking about!

    2. No Sherri, you definitely should not be ashamed of yourself. If it weren’t for the arm twisting I received I may have not started with pedicures myself.

      Hi Sandy, thank you for your comment. It’s so good to know I’m not alone.

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