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Month in Review: June

The Best June Ever

Lace and Black 034Ever experience situations when you feel like you’re being punked? Today, or more accurately the entire month of June was either one huge punkfest or I’m living in an alternate universe.

It seems like June just started barely a week ago and here were are headed into July. Add to it the torrential downpours and cooler temperatures I’m feeling like spring passed us by and summer has yet to make a serious appearance.

Though this June has been a soggy one there were pretty awesome highlights:

Following are summaries of some of my favorite blog posts for the month of June:

Perfect Beauty

So what are the benefits to using only 4 cosmetics? #1 it’s quick, #2 it’s easy, and #3 I don’t feel like I’m enveloped in sausage casing. Continue Reading…


In order to be vulnerable, you have to have the courage to be imperfect. And, vulnerable people have connection because they are willing to let go of who they thought they should be, in order to be their true self. In other words, vulnerable people are not afraid to be authentic. Who doesn’t gravitate towards people who are real? Continue Reading…

How Style & Vision Loss Intersect

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since I began losing my eyesight but it occurred to me today that it all started the latter earlier part of June, 2015. July 5 12th of the same year was when I had my first vitrectomy surgery. For this surgery the doctor inserted a gas bubble into my eye… Continue Reading.

A Day At The Park

Comfort rules the day when dressing for a day at the park but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a chic look. My 5 essential pieces for the day… Continue Reading.

Health & Fitness

Creating Your Home Fitness Area Guest Post – Getting and staying fit in your own home is easy. Home fitness is all the rage these days with hundreds of different exercise workouts for sale in athletic stores and online. Working out in your own space has many benefits and is certainly less stressful for many of us. Continue Reading…

June is Cataract Awareness Month – I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and two years ago my retinal specialist noted on a regular checkup that I had developed cataracts on both eyes. The cataracts were sitting right in the center of my only remaining window of vision. Continue Reading…

Pushing Boundaries – Even though Kangoo Jumps and similar footwear has been around for some time more research has to be done to determine the long-term health benefits of this form of exercise. However current data supports the low impact bounce is good for the joints, the heart rate increases faster leading to burning more calories quicker than standard fitness footwear. Continue Reading…

While I am sorry to see June leaving us so soon I am looking forward to a hot, sunny, fun-filled July!

Have an outstanding week!! ~Steph

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” ~Frederick Keonig

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