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Divine Gathering

Opening Scene

Mollie aka Cujo
Mollie aka Cujo

I had the most amazing weekend!! It all began on Friday morning:

I must have known it was going to be a special day because I was feeling extra energetic. I had on this cute ensemble consisting of khaki shorts, coral top, and a cap I’ve never worn. I was planning to text my middle son, Devon, to ask him to take me to the grocery store. But as luck would have it…

Mollie(my overprotective chihuahua/terrier mix begins snarling and barking frantically, as she runs to the door, allow me to translate):  Mommy, mommy, quick, someone’s at the door. Don’t you worry mommy, I’ll gnaw off their legs if they try to get in.

Me: (Hmmm, that’s strange, I’m not expecting anyone but taking heed of Mollie’s warning I quickly get my cell phone to view the live video feed of the intruder at my door.)

Mollie: Mommy, hurry I hear a key unlocking the door knob. (The decibel level of her barking has now reached the high-pitched screeching phase). I’ll hold them at bay while you get the pepper spray.

Me: (Still trying vainly to get to the video…) “Oh now that’s just great” I think to myself, the video is frozen.)

Mollie: Mommy, they’re going to get in I hear a key in the deadbolt.

Me: (There’s nothing left to do but arm myself with the pepper spray while my finger hovers ever so lightly over the panic button).

(The door slowly opens)

Me: Hit the ground, freeze, or I’ll shoot (I shout). (Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration from watching too many crime dramas but I think I’m thinking this).

Intruder: Geez, is all that really necessary?

Me: (genuinely surprised) Arian?? What are you doing here?

Arian (my youngest son): You know I’m off on Fridays and I thought you might want to go out to eat.

Risk-Taking Pays Off

Do you recall the numerous times I told you how I don’t do spontaneous? Even though I’ve given each of my three sons keys to my place (because ya never know), sometimes I still experience the teeniest, tiniest, sliver of alarm whenever they come over unannounced.

Being a true introvert I thoroughly enjoy my solitude but I never thought there’d come a time when I’d go a little stir-crazy in isolation. Recently however, because I’ve spent so much time at home, I get a little restless, irritated, and cuckoo, which is why I eagerly threw caution to the wind and went to an impromptu lunch with my son. I know, I’m such a daredevil aren’t I?

Blue sky, puffy white clouds and the sun peeping through.

It was such a perfectly, gorgeous day just to hang out so we went to Olive Garden, one of Arian’s favorite restaurants, and can I just say I LOVE their breadsticks!! I ordered the chicken scampi and Arian chose the something, something, alfredo.

We’re having a wonderful time enjoying great food and conversation when Arian asks if I’d like to go with him to pick up my grandson, Orion, at day care. “Oh yes,” I excitedly say. I continue, “maybe we can even stop by my mother’s so she can see him as well.” To which Arian responds “yeah, that’d work.”

After we finished our meal, made a few stops along the way, we swung by the daycare, picked up Orion, then it’s off to my mother’s. While typically I can tolerate a maximum of 30 minutes at my mother’s (yes, I have serious mommy issues) today we visit with her for an hour. She was so happy to see Orion and since this was my second visit this week (an extreme rarity for me) I figured this would score me some extra points.

I developed the point system (my mother doesn’t know about this) because while she’s always been a difficult person, as she’s gotten older it takes next to nothing for her to get agitated or as my brother so fondly puts it “wound up.”

At any rate, earlier in the week when my middle son, Devon, and I stopped by to see my mother she got upset at how he knocked on her door. Then once we entered she shared with us her disgust with the building management and it spiraled downward from there. But on this day, with Arian and Orion, I’ve scored bonus points for putting in two appearances in one week – woo hoo!

Trees against a bright blue sky in front of my condo.

My Three Sons And Then Some

We left my mother’s later in the afternoon then headed on over to Tristan’s (my oldest son). Tristan, who shares my love for neatness, organization, and structure, is almost identical to me in temperament and lives like a hermit. With the exception of work and finishing up on his bachelor’s degree he seldom sees the light of day.

Were it not for texting, our common mode of communication, Tristan and I would probably never speak because neither of us have a fondness for talking on the telephone. So I was surprised when (after Arian suggested it) he agreed to come to my place to meet up with Devon.

While we hashed out the details of what we were going to do on a Friday evening my cousin Chae calls. You can probably see where this is going.

What began as a spontaneous day of hanging with my youngest ended up being a full-blown shindig. And even though I’d prefer a planned gathering I have to admit these unplanned events almost always end up being the absolute best.

There were seven of us total including Orion (not including Mollie) and we had such a good ole time chowing down on pizza, laughing, and sharing “back in the day” stories. Orion konked out around 9:00, I put him to bed since I’d be watching him on Saturday, and it wasn’t until 1:30 in the morning when the last of my guests left.

Sometimes it really is the unexpected moments that give us the most pleasure and I honestly can’t remember the last time when my three sons and I had so much fun together. Seeing them individually is wonderful but collectively is superb.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” ~Cesare Pavese

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  2. What a day! As warm and comforting as the breadsticks ha.

    And I know that high pitched screeching phase, ugh. Love the loyalty of the terriers but they sure face a threat down.

    1. LOL, I know and they suffer from that “little Mr. big dog syndrome” Mollie has the attack dog imitation down to a T.

  3. Indeed, it is those unexpected moments that bring us the most pleasure. What a lovely, heart felt story of the joys of spontaneity and family.

    1. Thank you Glenda. 🙂

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