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How Style & Vision Loss Intersect

An Afternoon Chat

LR1Recently I was asked to do an interview with Thomas Reid, author of the blog, for Gatewave Radio a NYC based Radio Reading service for print impaired people. Tom, is one of those multi-talented technological gurus who produces numerous podcasts and is working with Gatewave Radio to generate audio content for the weekly series “Our World.”

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since I began losing my eyesight but it occurred to me today that it all started the latter earlier part of June, 2015. July 5 12th of the same year was when I had my first vitrectomy surgery. For this surgery the doctor inserted a gas bubble into my eye and I had to keep my head in a downward position for 2-3 weeks so that the bubble would be remain in position at the back of the eye to heal the hole in my macula.

Alternate short of the Livingroom


In my hallway I have a Tulip accent table (the metal base is tulip shaped and the wooden top is a half circle. Above the table is a circular mirror surrounded with mettal scrollwork. On top of the table is a squarish vase that holds twigs and in front of the vase is a wicker ball.
Hallway Tulip Accent Table

Red statement wall with black shelf, 2 small black corner shelves, decorative wire metal dressform and smoked glass desk, chair.
In the interview I talk a little about my vision loss, what style means to me, and how the loss of my vision has impacted my style. As I’ve said on many occasions my style is apparent throughout all aspects of my life. I have included with this post several pics of my living space which is an extension of my style and who I am. To hear the interview click HERE.

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” ~Ralph Lauren

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