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Coated Denim and Black & White

Changing Rooms Change Buying Habits

Here I am sitting on my bar stool at my counter.It’s no secret that I have a very strong aversion to changing rooms. Ironically as I’ve advanced in years my distaste for trying on clothes has increased as well.

In light of my changing room challenges and the fact that I make more online purchases, I did something this past winter that I’ve never done before. I bought some jeans online and it worked out so well that I’ll feel comfortable doing likewise in the future.

Jeans are one of those items that give me major headaches because it is so hard to find a pair that fit well. During this online transaction however I struck gold as I caught a great sale at Ann Taylor and snagged three pair of jeans for under $100 collectively.

Typically I do not and really cannot wear denim in hot weather. It’s been my experience that hot weather, denim, and hot flashes do not play nice together.

Unfortunately our long-awaited spring is just as temperamental as menopause. One minute it’s hot and humid then the very next it’s downright cold.

Close-up shot of my sweater. Closeup shot of my coated jeans.

Crazily fluctuating temperatures have allowed me to not only wear jeans but also lighter weight sweaters. In today’s post I’m wearing my favorite color combination a black and white sweater with extremely dark blue almost black-coated jeans.

  • Basic Sweaters | Forever 21 (Similar HERE) – I got the sweater from Forever 21 late last year and it quickly became one of my favorites. Black and white striped prints are my all-time favorite. The round neck nicely accommodated a very long necklace. The lightweight knit and  three-quarter sleeves allow me to wear this sweater even into the warmer (not hot) months.
  • Curvy Coated Skinny Jeans | Ann Taylor – These jeans are my first pair of coated jeans. Coated jeans are denim that are covered with pigment that gives them a waxy feel and the appearance of a faux leather. When I selected them I was afraid that they would be thick and uncomfortable but they are surprisingly thin and even have some give.
  • Chinese Laundry Side Kick Pump | DSW – The pumps are black faux suede d’orsays (two-part – heel and toe) shoes. I favor d’orsays in heels and flats because of the make the feet look sexy.

You simply cannot go wrong with classic black and white because it will never go out of style. The sweater I’m wearing in today’s post can easily go with regular denim, black or white pants or a skirt. It can also be adorned with accessories but the stripes make a bold statement all on their own.

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you — don’t bother me.” ~Yohji Yamamoto

4 thoughts on “Coated Denim and Black & White

  1. Nice top.

  2. love both but the black amd white top is my fave

    1. The top is my favorite too and I want to wear it with white pants.

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