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The Vacay That Should Have Been A Staycay

Soak Up The Sun, Or Not

Women‘s Halter One Piece - Merona
Women‘s Halter One Piece – Merona

The CD, “Believe” by Yolanda Adams was deafening and I had taken two Benadryl to relax my nerves. Shhhhh, just a little secret between you and me: in a high stress situation Benadryl simply is not a good fix.

“It’s okay Steph, lift up your seat and look out the window.” This from my brother (the rat who lied).

Thinking he surely wouldn’t lead me astray this time, I slowly engage the lever to raise my seat. As my head reaches the bottom of the car window I peeped over and all I can see is water – everywhere. I want to hurl.

Panic seizes me as my heart thumps wildly. This is it – “I’m gonna die” I think to myself. There’s no way I’m gonna make it out of this alive. I begin sobbing uncontrollably as I lower the seat again.

On the drive down to Ocean City everywhere I looked there was water. I notice these things because #1 I don’t know how to swim and #2 I have a profound fear of bridges.

So here I am on the 4.3 mile long Bay Bridge headed to Ocean City, MD.

Women‘s Draped One Piece Black Stripe - Merona
Women‘s Draped One Piece Black Stripe – Merona

Most normal people would be excited to go on a beach vacation – not me. All I could think about was the return trip over the bridge and I was worried about what lay ahead.

I don’t do spontaneous. To some this may seem boring but I operate best under extremely organized conditions.

So this little side trip to Ocean City pushed me ever so slightly over the edge. But I have to say that I was so unprepared to see the ocean for the first time in my life.

Sun, Sand & Sea

All of my senses were assaulted at once. Experiencing the beautiful, majestic vastness of the ocean was so overwhelming and emotional that I seriously began hyperventilating. I was taking in so much, what with the smell of sea salt, the caw of the gulls and hazy mist, I thought my head would explode. I could not believe that I was here.

Women‘s Center Halter Tankini Top - Merona
Women‘s Center Halter Tankini Top – Merona
Women‘s Swim Short - Mossimo
Women‘s Swim Short – Mossimo

Because Ocean City was an impromptu vacay my ex-hubby, kids, and I had to look for a place to stay. My brother (the rat who lied) had left us at the back at the Bay Bridge to go back to his home in Maryland.

Once we were settled we got down to the serious business of acquiring swimwear and beach gear. My husband thought it was hilarious that in addition to a swimsuit, coverup, floppy straw hat and bag that I required a beach umbrella and chair. My thing was, we’re here now so might as well “go big or go home.” Besides he wasn’t laughing so hard when he had to carry all that mess to the beach lol.

Women‘s Strappy Halter Bikini Top Black/Natural Stripe - Mossimo
Women‘s Strappy Halter Bikini Top Black/Natural Stripe – Mossimo
Women‘s Shirred High Waist Brief - Merona
Women‘s Shirred High Waist Brief – Merona

At any rate sweet memories of Rehoboth Beach got me to thinking that I haven’t done a post on swimwear. Personally I’ve always leaned towards one piece swimsuits but this year I’m going to try a tankini to wear to the pool at my complex.

So as I was perusing Target’s swimwear section a few swimsuits caught my eye:

When I was looking for swimsuits for today’s post I also found a number of very nice cover ups. From kimonos, shirts, kaftans, sarongs, and dresses the details including fringes, pompoms, crochet, and lace were delightful and I’ll be sure to snag a few for an upcoming article. Maybe in the next article I can tell you about our 8 hour trip home.

So what types of swimwear do you prefer? Please do tell.

“I love the beach, and I love sunshine.” ~Megan Fox

4 thoughts on “The Vacay That Should Have Been A Staycay

  1. The Bay Bridge is breathtaking, either in awe or fright depending on the outlook. I will think of you the next time we drive over it in July for our beach vacation. Love the suits you featured.

    1. You are so right Susan. The funny thing is I’m absolutely fascinated with bridges but I cannot shake my fear of them. There’s the New River Gorge Bridge in W. Virginia that I know I wouldn’t survive the trip across but I have to admit I’m so, so curious. And let’s not forget the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel – 22 miles of bridge and tunnel are beyond my comprehension and would require massive sedation or avoidance 😉

  2. Personally, I prefer the typical all black tank. I feel so much slimmer.


    1. I agree with you Sherri. You know that black is my favorite noncolor but I have so much of it I really need to spread my wings a bit.

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