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The I Have Nothing To Wear Solution

The Universal Problem

Sitting on one of my barstools facing forward legs crossedIt happens to all of us at one time or another. For some of us it occurs more frequently than for others but there is no denying the fact that we’ve all shared this one experience. Does the following scenario sound familiar?

The day dawns sunny and bright. A gentle breeze blowing through the open window softly rustles the curtains as golden sun rays peek through landing a whisper of a warm kiss across your cheek. You slowly turn on your back, lazily stretching your limbs while yawning, as you awaken to a beautiful spring day.

As the foggy haze of sleep gradually dissipates you come to the realization that today is going to be a great day. Almost as quickly as this thought emerges you swiftly bound out of bed with a song in your heart ready to tackle the world.

After the typical morning routine is complete, still smiling, you dance your way to your closet and scan its contents. The smile fades into a frown as you dismiss one garment after another. It’s at this moment your anxiety begins to surface. Yes, you have a closet full of clothes yet the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” epidemic strikes.

Do Not Become Unraveled

The simplest answer to this aged old quandary of not having anything to wear is in one word—versatility. While many pieces of clothing can function in multiple ways, one of my favorites is the classic tee-shirt.

With different necklines, designs, closures, and fits, the tee-shirt is one of the most comfortable wardrobe items. Depending on the need you can dress it up, dress it down, layer it, or wear it as a standalone piece.

Standing facing forward with my arm on the counter

In the pictures included in today’s post I’m wearing a black scoopneck tee with a black & white tribal printed maxi skirt, and black d’orsay flats with a white lace covered toe. I added a silver chain belt, drop earrings and a black stretch bracelet to complete the look.

Last summer I wore the same maxi skirt with several different tank and sleeveless tops mainly because as I’ve said before when it’s really warm I can’t tolerate heavier knits, denim or sleeves. However this lightweight cotton blend Old Navy tee, as opposed to some of my others, is so comfortable it’s doable even in hot temperatures.

Rear View Standing facing the counter Standing facing forward with one hand on a barstool

Styling Alternatives

Typically when I buy tanks and tees I purchase multiples in a variety of colors which allows me to extend my wardrobe. So how can you vary the way in which you wear your tees? Let me count the ways:

  1. you can wear them with jeans, slacks, overalls, or skirt
  2. you can layer them under a sundress, vest, or open shirt
  3. you can wear them under a blazer, jacket, or cardigan
  4. you can wear them tucked in, untucked, or partially tucked
  5. you can knot them (loose fitting tee)
  6. you can knot and layer them (loose fitting tee)
  7. you can wear them off one shoulder (loose fitting tee)
  8. you can wear them with a belt or without
  9. you can accessorize them with a scarf
  10. you can wear them with a chunky necklace or pearls
  11. you can wear them with heels, flats and sandals
  12. you can wear them with a baseball cap or hat

The point here is you can start with a tee and bottoms as the base and then build from there. For example a few weeks ago I went to a bowling event and wore a pair of cuffed skinny jeans, white tee, white hoodie, and white canvas sneakers.

Since this was a casual affair I kept my jewelry to a minimum (small earrings and a chain link bracelet) yet my outfit was pulled together and totally appropriate for the venue. To upgrade this look for a date later in the evening I would swap out the earrings, bracelet, shoes, and hoodie for dangling earrings, cuff bracelet and/or long necklace, heels, lightweight moto jacket and a clutch to finish off the ensemble.

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” ~Art Linkletter

3 thoughts on “The I Have Nothing To Wear Solution

  1. I am enthralled with your word choices and how you talk about fashion in general. Love the wordplay, “Don’t become unraveled!” Tell me, have you always been so dedicated to fashion? Or rather at what age did you begin to take a huge interest?

    1. Thanks Steph, as I was writing the number of ways I thought about you and wished so badly that I could set it up as a clever rhyme but it was hurthing my brain lol. When I was younger I was rather imaginative and artsy (could draw and loved crafts). This very naturally evolved into my style (which includes interior design) but I also adored or rather liked the way TV characters like Alexis Carrington dressed. While I’ve never come close to this type of glamour I tried to stay true to who I am within the framework of my individual style. For me style has always been so much more than just the clothes or makeup that I wear – it really is an art.

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