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Kicking Up Jeans A Notch

Fashion & Mother Nature

Facing forward on my barstool in front of the counter between the livingroom and kitchen.The weather plays a key role in my day-to-day appearance. I’m not sure if getting older has something to do with it or not but these days tolerating heat and cold are equally challenging.

Someone posted on Facebook yesterday something about people complaining when it was cold and now that it’s hot they’re still complaining. I can’t lie because I’ve done the same thing but I silently promised earlier this year that I was not going to whine about the heat (at least initially).

I am not a fan of extreme heat or cold. When it’s so cold that every muscle in my body is tense with shivering to point that tears spring to my eyes, my mind begins to play tricks on me and I think I just can’t endure.

Likewise in heat so hot the air feels like a blast furnace, I really can’t cope and don’t like anything touching my skin. In this type of weather I can only wear the barest amount of makeup and I marvel at women who look like fashion plates while I feel like I’m drenched in sweat. By the way summer always reminds me of how grateful I am to be a woman because I can’t fathom what it must be like for a man to wear a suit and tie when it’s hot.

Here’s my real issue, what ever happened to spring? Going from a lingering harsh winter directly into 80 plus degree temps can be cause for one to whine. Personally I miss the days when spring was mild, and warm, not hot. It was a comfortable transition into summer.

Standing with back to camera to show the rear of the jacket.

Because of the long winter I couldn’t wait to finally up my condo to let in the fresh air even if that air was hot. I needed this so badly that I’ve been sitting at my dining room table under the ceiling fan (used only as needed) with the sliding door to my balcony wide open and it feels so delicious.

Since we had some pretty severe thunderstorms come through yesterday evening today is wonderfully mild although a little cooler than my ideal spring day. Days like this are perfect for jeans and light jacket.

Standing between both barstools facing forward to show front of outfit.

Neutrals & Navy

Every opportunity that I have to dress up a pair of jeans I grab. Today’s outfit was centered around a leopard print baseball cap and eggshell colored faux leather jacket. A blush and cream polka dot tee, dark wash jeans, cream slingback heels and accessories completed the look.

  1. Dressy Tee | Ann Taylor (similar HERE) – I love this tee because the knit material is very comfortable and forgiving. The jewel neck with added details of a back zipper with gold accented zipper pull makes this one of my more elegant tees. The neutral color allows me to wear it with just about anything.
  2. Curvy Boot Cut Jeans | Ann Taylor (similar HERE) – (Can also be seen HERE)
  3. Faux Leather Moto Jacket | Nordstrom Rack (similar HERE) – This jacket has so many details I almost don’t know where to begin. Snaps, zippers, zipper pulls, and pockets with zippers are always winners in my book. I love the zippers on the sleeves because of the added versatility of wearing them zipped closed, open, or open and cuffed as pictured. An asymmetrical front zip closure is flanked by two vertical front zip closure pockets. The tiny perforation detailing gives this jacket almost a mixed media feel since it’s done as embellishment around the waistband, partially in the front, around the neck, shoulders and down to the upper arm. When touching the perforated versus the non-perforated areas of the jacket you can appreciate the differences in how the material feels. The gunmetal zippers and snaps contrast nicely against the jacket’s cream color. Finally snaps on the tips of both lapels and the mandarin collar finish off this garment.
  4. LifeStride Sonya Pump | DSW – Previously seen HERE.
  5. Leopard Baseball Cap | Old Navy (similar HERE) – On a number of occasions I’ve mentioned that I like animal prints and specifically leopard. So when I saw this leopard print felt baseball cap at Old Navy last year I couldn’t let it pass me by so I snapped it up. While no two animal prints are identical, I liked this one because it’s a little darker than some of my other pieces.

So basically what I’ve done here is simply beefed up the three necessities (top, bottom, and shoes) by adding a jacket, cap, and accessories for a fun dressy/casual look. Working with neutrals is great because it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what color coordinates with another.

Have a great day!!

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~Anne Bradstree


2 thoughts on “Kicking Up Jeans A Notch

  1. Thank you Glenda. Yeah the jacket is a nice departure from my typical black gear.

  2. I love warmer months, so if you catch me in winter…I’m always whining. Accept on the rare occasion the rain is needed for a good nights sleep.

    I agree about neutrals taking the guess work out of dressing. They make life so much easier. Looks like we’re both sporting baseball caps in our posts. Nice look. The jacket is so cool. A nice departure from the basic black.

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