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Dress Your Shape The Dazzling Hour Glass

We are Bodies & Souls

This morning on Good Morning America there was a segment on YouTube fitness star, Cassey Ho, and her outstanding response to negative commenters concerning her weight and appearance. Even though Cassey, who by the way reaches millions of people everyday with her videos, receives numerous positive remarks from her devoted followers, hurtful comments like “you shouldn’t give advice when you’re so fat” and “trainer?…really? tone up the belly fat and love handles” caused her real pain.

And you know what? Her video response to the abrasive criticism has received over 4 million hits since it was upload on April 16.

Her video tells the story of how she just completed a workout and she’s standing in front of her full length mirror looking at responses from her followers. She’s happily smiling as she scrolls through the first few positive remarks then her expression changes to concern as she questions the appearance of her body. Looking directly at the mirror she takes out her earbuds, puts her cell phone down and begins to undress so that she can make some “bodily improvements.”

Ambrosia Dress in Deep Rouge
Ambrosia Dress in Deep Rouge | IGIGI
Chloe Jacket | Torrid
Chole Jacket | Torrid

After examining her “flawed body” a magic body changing machine suddenly appears and asks her the question “would you like to make changes?” Remembering the reason why she was brought to this point she decides to follow through and makes adjustments based on the biting critiques. So she makes her thighs slimmer, tightens her abs, defines her waist, enlarges her breasts, increases her bum, upgrades her face to become “perfect.”

Once again she looks in the mirror and for a minute she looks very pleased with her newly perfected body. She picks up her phone to take a selfie, does a vamping pose then it seems as if there’s a moment of clarity as she realizes she has made these changes to please others yet she’s not happy with herself.

It’s disturbing to me that in today’s environment we forget that “we” collectively are human and as humans we have thoughts, feelings, and emotions. While we will never please everyone, and that’s okay, instead of tearing one another down why don’t we build one another up. Instead of a negative comment, how about positive feedback and remembering that “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

Polka Off-The-Shoulder Dot Top | Torrid
Polka Off The Shoulder Dot Top | Torrid
Solid Wide-Leg Pants | Lord & Taylor
Ralph Lauren Solid Wide-Leg Pants | Lord & Taylor
Studded Midi Pencil Skirt | Torrid
Studded Midi Pencil Skirt | Torrid

Bravo to Cassey for reminding us that accepting ourselves as we are is of the utmost importance.

In last week’s post The Exquisite Inverted Triangle, I was excited to share an image by the retailer, IGIGI, who takes a positive stance on celebrating the sensuality and confidence of the curvy woman. This week and in upcoming weeks I’ll be including in each post additional IGIGI images for each body shape.

One thing I neglected to mention last week is that generally the tips for dressing for our respective body shapes is basically the same for petite, average and curvy women but proportion is the key element. The goal is to dress according to our unique bodily dimensions to emphasize our best features while at the same time minimizing what we may consider our weaknesses.

Balancing Bosom and Bottom

HourglassJust like last week, following is the text from IGIGI’s Shape Stylist for the Hour Glass:

“Your voluminous curves are striking and proportionate! Your clearly defined waistline, harmonious bust and full hips, create a beautiful, feminine curvature .”

One word to describe the hourglass body shape – balanced. The hourglass body shape can wear just about anything to show off your curves.

  1. Tops – low, open necklines in soft, fitted fabrics look great on you. The top I picked for today’s post (off the shoulder) is one of my favorite styles. Black & white polka dots add to it’s sexy appeal.  This top can go with the skirt and the pants described in this article.
    • Polka Off-The-Shoulder Dot Top | Torrid | “This casual black and white polka dot top has a sexy air that lets you show a little skin. It’s a form-fitting eye-catcher that’s sure to boost your style wherever you rock it.”
  2. Dresses – belted, wrap and tulip dresses with v-neck, princess and scoop necklines are very flattering.
    • Amborsia Dress | IGIGI | “The seductive Ambrosia Dress is cut from all-season stretch jersey and hugs, smoothes, & enhances the contour of your curves. It can be worn on or off shoulder.” Comes in blue, red or black.
  3. Pants – wide leg, boot-cut, flared and tapered pants with a mid-rise and curved waist elongates your body and draw attention to your waist.
    • Solid Wide Leg Pants | Lord & Taylor | The pearl color is perfect for spring and summer. These pants feature a flattering wide-leg design, that sits at the natural waist. Additional features include “belt loops, zip fly with a single-button closure, side on-seam pockets at the waist, buttoned besom pocket at back right; crease runs down the center front and back of each leg, darts at back waist.”
  4. Skirts – A-line and pencil skirts are extremely complimentary to your shape. Versatile pieces give you more bang for your buck and this black skirt accented with silver studs can be worn in two different styles as noted in the description.
    • Studded Midi Pencil Skirt | Torrid | “Soft, stretchy and oh-so-versatile, this black jersey knit skirt goes from classic pencil to sexy mini with a fold of the wide waistband. Also amazing as a midi pencil skirt, the bottom is lined with four rows of studs with a 6 inch slit in the back.”
  5. Jackets/Blazers – look for short jackets cinched or belted at the waist.
    • Chloe Jacket | Torrid | Black “With an effortlessly sleek silhouette, this jacket looks great buttoned-up with skinny jeans or carelessly open over a dress. Faux flap pockets. Single button closure.”

I remember many years ago longing to be an hourglass body shape. Wait, let me rephrase that. Many years ago I already had an ample bottom (and I loved it because it really was my best asset) but I desired to have bosom to match so that I could be an hour-glass. I could have elected to go with breast augmentation but deep down what I really wanted was to be content with what I already had and today I’m okay with my pear shape.

Measuring up to others’ expectations of what our physical appearance should be will leave us empty because there is always going to be something about you that someone finds unsatisfactory. However being able to look in the mirror and love the individual looking back at you is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”  ~Amy Bloom

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  2. Somewhere along the line, social media gave people permission to be mean. I hold my breath each time I post to the different networks in fear that someone will say something nasty.

    Great post, Steph. We are perfectly imperfect.

    1. I hear you Glenda, the world can sometimes be a very unfriendly place but I’d like to think this isn’t the norm.

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