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Lovely Lustrous Lacquers

The Colors of Spring

Blossom Dandy
Blossom Dandy | Essie

Okay, so supposedly Spring sprang on March 20, 2015 at 6:45 p.m. ET but here we are nearing the end of April with temps. dipping near freezing and if you can believe it we even had snow on Saturday. It’s so hard to plan what to wear on any given day because though I’m in sort of a state of denial, meaning I will NOT pull out my winter gear, at the same time I don’t take too kindly to being cold.

One of the reasons I like spring so much, aside from the weather, is the burst of colors. Just seeing lush green leaves on trees that were bare from the harsh winter increases my mood. When I begin to see flowers of all sorts of colors I’m almost giddy especially when it’s sunny and warm.

Looking at many of the spring nail colors has also lifted my spirits to the point I took the plunge and bought three different shades (two of them from the Essie Spring 2015 Flowerista collection). Since Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns all the time in addition to carrying Essie nail polish (one of my faves) I placed my order with them.

  1. Blossom Dandy – Doesn’t this name just scream spring?? This color is a fresh, cool bluesy-green mint that has me craving mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  2. Hip Anema – Bright red-orange, spicy, hot. Think cayenne pepper.
  3. Perennial Chic – Is a lovely, classic shade of peachy nude.
    (Blossom Dandy and Perennial Chic are from the Spring collection)

Since Groupon offers spa deals on a regular basis, some of them up to 50 percent off, I’m going to select one to get my nails done with my new polishes (I recently read somewhere that it’s a good practice to take your own polishes and buffing/filling tools to the salon) . With Mother’s Day just around the corner now’s the time to take advantage of offers to get fingers and toes looking spring fresh. Plus who doesn’t feel good after a day of pampering?

Hip Anema
Hip Anema | Essie

Nailed It

For many years I used to religiously get my nails done. Since I opted to keep my look clean and simple I went with the French Manicure which included applying nail tips, then later I upgraded to Pink and White sculptured nails. The difference between the two processes was rather substantial not only in the way the nails were prepared but also the longevity of the technique used.

Like nail polish, the French Manicure was a process where the nails were prepared then depending on the salon (some used guides to create the white tip, others didn’t) the base of the nails were painted a clear pink and the tips painted white. Once this was done a clear top coat was applied to help protect the colors. Typically I could go about two weeks or so before I needed to get my nails redone.

Pink and White on the other hand were the actual colors of the acrylic powder used to create the French Manicure look. If I was smitten with the way my French Manicures looked, I was absolutely in love with Pink and White for three reasons: no UV or LED light needed, the glossiness and the length of time between getting fills. A fill was just a touch-up where acrylic was used to fill the gap at the base of the nail where it has grown out. In my opinion this was a considerably easier method than the French Manicure.

Perennial Chic
Perennial Chic | Essie

After about 10 consecutive years of consistently maintaining my nails (with only a few short breaks) I decuded to give them a much-needed rest. When the final remnants of acrylic was gone my nails felt naked but eventually I got them into pre-French Manicure condition.

I’m not sure why I didn’t regularly get my fingernails at least painted when I would go for a pedicure but whatever the reason my fingernails were colorless most of the time. So this year I’m going to get them done without the acrylic or nail tips. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a gel (premixed acrylic) manicure but it seems there can be cancer risks associated with the UV lights used to set the acrylic. Some sources say the UV related cancer risks are very low and others say there isn’t enough data however putting on sunscreen prior to having the manicure may help to lessen risks.

Also another consideration on the use of gel is the removal aspect as some salons have clients soak their hands in acetone (nail polish remover) for up to 15 minutes. When soaking nails/hands in this chemical it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the rest of the body where it can affect the central nervous system.

While I need to do a little more research before committing to a longer lasting nail colored manicure, in the meantime I’ll just get them painted. However one of the benefits of Essie is that the colors are 3 free meaning the polish does not contain dangerous chemicals – Formaldehyde, Toluene or Dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

I’ll be sure to upload pictures once I get my mani pedi.

“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” ~Mark Twain



6 thoughts on “Lovely Lustrous Lacquers

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  2. I left a comment here yesterday but I don’t see it? I had said how much I wish I could indulge in this posts cheeriness but I bite my nails (really I tear them) and I HATE feet. Like the opposite of a foot fetish! Keep mine covered 24/7. Maybe next lifetime I get to paint fingers and toes!

    1. Ps. I also said I LOVE THIS TITLE! Go alliteration!!!

    2. I worked with a woman who shared your disdain for feet and her belief is that EVERYONE should keep their feet covered. I’m not crazy about my feet but now that I can’t see them they don’t bother me as much as they used to. I never did the nail biting thing and while my nails grow I can’t seem to have all of them the same length at the same time because they tend to break. But now that you mention it I wonder how nail tips would work on a person who is a nail biter? Would that cure it? Hmmm something to ponder.

  3. I love Essie nail polish, too. Great colors.

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